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Pearl’s Position

Last year, our coordinator, Robyn, in the Public & Patient Department in Education & Academic Affairs received an email from a community member, who was participating in our Yogalates class. Pearl, a 75-year-old woman, had been attending the Yogalates class since September 2010 and had observed improvements in her chronic back pain. She wrote to thank HSS for providing an opportunity to boost her health and well-being. Below is the letter that Pearl wrote.

Dear Robyn,
After many years of pain-repeated epidurals, physical therapy and medication-I enrolled in the Yogalates course at HSS at the suggestion of a friend. I have been diagnosed with multi-level spondylosis, stenosis with nerve impingement, bulges at L4-5, etc.
As a 75-year-old woman, I had assumed the balance of my life would be lived in pain and being pain-free was not possible. After completing six sessions of the beginner Yogalates course I began to experience a reduction in pain and an increase in energy. I have just completed the second round of classes with additional improvement, increased balance and greater strength.

I am most grateful to HSS for making this possible and for the opportunity to participate in an affordable health and well-being course.


We really enjoy hearing from our community members about the personal experiences they’ve had as a result of attending our classes and programs. We had a chance to sit down with Pearl and ask her some additional questions.

Your friend suggested you try a Yogalates class at HSS. Is she still attending class with you?
Yes, we just came together.

That’s great! After eight sessions, are the routines starting to feel very similar?
Absolutely not. They are definitely varied.

So you’re not getting bored?
No. Never bored. I am amazed at what I am able to do.

Is there anything that HSS isn’t offering currently that you’d be interested in? We have a ballroom class, but maybe ballet or kickboxing?
Dancing is for the young. (Laughing)

Our Dance for Fitness & Fun class is a lot of fun…
I love this [Yogalates]. This is a wonderful experience for me. I told Eve [Delachartre], who is the instructor not too long after it started that I was going to bring a camera so someone could take a picture of me in the positions I am able to get into, because my children or my grandchildren would never believe it.

I understand completely. I love the yoga class I attend.
This class makes you feel good.

Thank you to Pearl for taking time out to share more of her experience in yogalates.