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Community Benefit

Community Advocate Jenny

We interviewed Jenny, to learn more about the impact of LANtern® (Lupus Asian Network), on her journey with lupus. This multi-system illness can often be challenging to manage, and our program seeks to offer hope and understanding.

Tells us about yourself.
I am a full time mom of one child. My lupus started ten years ago right after my son was born. My biggest challenge with lupus is my joint pain. When it flares up, the pain in my back, elbows, and hands makes it very difficult for me to do house work, much less care for my baby.
photo of Jenny L. a chinese-american woman who has lupus, Community Advocate

How did this make you feel?
I was frustrated. Thanks to my doctor, under her care, my pain improved remarkably and is manageable in general. Today, my son is big and strong and is able to help around the house. My family always gives me the love and support that I need all along. I am still a lupus patient but I am happy. With this chronic disease, it is important to communicate with your rheumatologist on a regular basis in order to get the proper treatment. I know that when my lupus is in remission, I can live a normal life just like everyone else. That said, I will still listen carefully to my body – know when to slow down, get rest, and work wisely.

How does the LANtern® program impact your life?
LANtern helps me understand a great deal about lupus. The knowledge I gained over the years has allayed most of my fear arising from this illness. I understand how it happens, what can be done, and what not to do. At LANtern, I have the opportunity to “vent out” to my peers and it often gives me a peace of mind afterwards. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey. As a group, we can make our voice heard. We hope that an increased public awareness will lead to greater funding and research efforts towards a cure for this disease.

We want to thank Jenny for sharing her story.

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