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After Your Visit

Case Management

Our wonderful Case Management and Social Work teams work diligently to plan the aspects of your clinical needs when you are discharged from HSS following your surgery.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation


In many cases, there is a need to follow-up with physical therapy and rehabilitation training post-surgery and procedures. Sometimes they can also be an alternative to surgery. HSS has an elite team of specialists and advanced clinicians for you to work with. Learn more about HSS Rehabilitation.

Share Your Story

We want you to share your story and be inspired by the stories of others! Check out our HSS Back in the Game patient stories to see and hear the successful, life-changing testimonials from people near your hometown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - After Your Visit

How are my post-hospital needs determined?

Your post-hospital needs are determined by the type of surgery you have and your progress in physical therapy after surgery. Your case manager can help arrange transportation or home care services.

Will my insurance company pay for my post-hospital care?

It is recommended that you contact your insurance company to confirm benefits prior to surgery. Having the benefit does not guarantee insurance approval for services. Approval is determined by the medical director of your insurance company after your surgery.

Will I be able to go to inpatient rehab after surgery?

Specific criteria must be met in order for inpatient rehab to be approved by your insurance. Typically, single joint replacements and spinal surgeries are not approved/accepted for Acute Rehab; however, some insurances may approve Subacute Rehab.

What is the difference between Acute Rehab and Subacute Rehab?

Acute Rehab provides 2-3 hours of intensive physical therapy per day and is provided in an acute rehab unit of a general hospital or rehab hospital. Subacute Rehab provides 1-1.5 hours of therapy per day and is generally provided in a rehab unit of a skilled nursing facility.

What kind of services can I receive at home?

Home care services may include physical therapy, RN visits, lab work and/or home health aide, all of which must be approved by your insurance company. Please note that the physical therapist may be your first contact at home.

How many hours of Home Health Aide services can I get per day?

Most insurance companies do not cover home health aide services, and you may have to pay privately for them. Your case manager will assist you with these arrangements.

How will I get the equipment I need when I go home?

Most equipment that you may need upon discharge can be arranged through the hospital. Your case manager will assist you in arranging the safest, most appropriate method of transportation when you leave the hospital. Insurance does not necessarily cover transportation by either ambulance or ambulette. Your case manager will discuss this with you and advise you of any cost to you in advance.

What is the hospital discharge time?

Discharges start at 11:00am, and may take some time to complete the process. Please arrange your transportation needs accordingly. Please contact our Case Management Department at 212.606.1271 for any additional questions related to discharge planning.

How do I receive copies of my medical records?

Please contact our Health Information Management Service between 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday at 212.606.1254. For copying and distribution, there is a reasonable fee to recover the costs for copying, mailing, and supplies used to fulfill your request. You can also request records through the MyHSS patient portal. Learn more about your options for obtaining your medical records.

How do I receive copies of my radiology images taken at HSS?

To request copies of your radiology films or images, you must contact the Radiology Department at 212.606.1134. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

I have questions about the costs of my surgery that are not covered by insurance. Who can I speak with?

Please contact Patient Accounting at 212.606.1772 and ask to speak with an insurance verifier. You may also want to speak with your physician’s office about any surgeon-procedure fees.

What type of therapy will I have after my surgery?

It is critical to initiate mobility within the first 24 hours after surgery. Most patients are seen by a physical therapist following surgery. Based on their evaluation, the physical therapist may instruct you in exercises or certain precautions based on your surgery. Our goal is to make you functional, independent and safe prior to leaving the hospital.

Will I need outpatient physical therapy after surgery?

Outpatient physical therapy is recommended after joint replacement surgery. Your therapist and case manager will help you arrange for homecare or outpatient therapy. For all other surgeries, therapy is surgeon specific and based on your functional ability. Please discuss this with your doctor’s office or physical therapist.

Where can I go to physical therapy after surgery?

If physical therapy is prescribed after surgery, you can have physical therapy at the hospital in one of the outpatient areas. If you are being discharged and traveling a distance home, one of our therapists can assist you in finding a physical therapist in your area. There are also over 100 HSS-approved centers in our Rehabilitation Network in the tristate area. If you require physical therapy services in your home, contact the Case Management Department at 212.606.1271.

Do you offer traditional remedies with new therapies?

The Integrative Care Center (ICC), affiliated with Hospital for Special Surgery, offers patients the best medicine of today and tomorrow – incorporating traditional remedies with new therapies that have stood up to scientific testing. It brings together conventional medical and therapeutic approaches with complementary therapies to promote wellness and enhance the long-term mobility and health of patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. This comprehensive approach is ideally suited to individuals interested in preventative health services as well as individuals with musculoskeletal conditions - osteoarthritis, back/neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, and post-operative care. Conveniently located in mid-Manhattan, the ICC provides a wide array of orthopedic and rheumatologic services from the Osteoporosis Prevention Center, including a full-service detection, education and prevention program, as well as a full range of physical therapy programs for individuals and groups. The alternative care services include Pilates, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Pain Management, T’ai Chi, OsteoFitness, and Yoga.

Contact Information

HSS Coast to Coast (C2C) Program
Call 833.HSS.1800 (833.477.1800)  (Mon – Fri, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET)
Email: C2C@hss.edu

Florida Patients

If you live in Florida, please contact Tania Mercado, our Ambassador Services Florida Liaison, for assistance. Call 561.469.5599 or email mercadot@hss.edu

Patient Stories

Image of Michele Bouquet doing yoga

"Knowing I was coming from DC by train, they made it possible to have travel and appointments all in one day. In very little time after the first surgery, I was back to all my athletic activity."

- Michele Bouquet, Washington, DC
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