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Finance, Compliance, and HIM

Finance, Compliance, and HIM


Operating on a higher level, at every level.

At HSS, our commitment to excellence extends to every part of our organization – including our Finance, Compliance and Health Information Management departments. From financial planning and risk management to processing medical records, these highly-skilled professionals bring their knowledge and dedication to work every day. These critical teams not only help us manage our day-to-day operations, but contribute to the continued success of our organization by constantly identifying opportunities to improve and optimize organizational performance. We’re all responsible for achieving strategic goals, and at the end of the day our commitment to sustaining a world class organization is what drives us to excel – at all levels.

Photo of Svetlana Mirkis

“I’m proud of our reputation and my contributions to maintaining it.”

Svetlana Mirkis
Associate Director, Corporate Compliance
Joined HSS in 2013

When I interviewed for my job in Corporate Compliance, I immediately felt a sense of trust and mutual respect. Now, working with so many other departments, I know that people feel the same way across the enterprise.

Even though I don’t provide direct care to patients, I’m proud of the difference I make by improving their care and protecting their privacy. It’s a real honor to be part of a team where people work hard, support each other and share common goals. We’re all focused on the well-being of patients and we all want to see each other grow and succeed. No matter how great we did yesterday, we want to do better today.

Photo of Brian Sweeney

"There’s no lack of challenges."

Brian Sweeney
Vice President, Budget
Joined HSS in 2014

I didn’t think twice when I was offered the chance to join HSS. This is an elite healthcare institution and I knew I’d be working with smart, capable people. It hasn’t disappointed. This is a unique organization so there’s always a lot to learn. New challenges come from every angle and I’m never bored.

I lead a team that performs the day-to-day budgeting and financial reporting as well as planning and all the related analysis, presentations and modelling. But my job’s as much about relationships as it is numbers. In this cooperative, collaborative environment, everyone’s focused on delivering the best care possible.

Explore the different roles available in our Finance, Compliance, and HIM departments.

Finance is about more than simply balancing a spreadsheet or crunching some numbers. It’s about understanding the stories those numbers represent, in order to provide valuable insights that help ensure strong and fully informed decision-making. Performing essential financial processes, including forecasting and budget development and monitoring, this team helps establish – and maintain – hospital-wide strategic plans. Only with a sound infrastructure, can we better help our patients get back in the game.

At a top-ranked hospital like HSS, the details matter – especially when it comes to compliance. Our talented team of specialists handles everything from annual risk assessments and internal audit plans to creating hospital-wide policies and procedures that abide by state and federal regulations. By making sure our people and departments follow these core processes, they help our organization continuously maintain our renowned reputation.

We treat the collection, accuracy and protection of our patients’ medical records with the highest level of integrity. Patient records are the roadmaps our medical professionals use to help our patients get back in the game – and our HIM professionals help ensure accuracy of this information. From coding and record analysis to denials audits and appeals, this team is the critical connection between doctors, insurance carriers and patients – protecting the data of our integrated medical record system. Our HIM professionals are true experts in their field and have a direct impact on our organization.

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