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Department of Biomechanics

Amanda Wach, MS

Amanda Wach joined the Department of Biomechanics at HSS in July 2015 as a research engineer. She graduated SUNY Buffalo in 2013 with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a B.A. in Mathematics, and from Marquette University in 2015 with a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering.

At HSS, Amanda works in collaboration with residents and fellows across multiple services, spanning several biomechanics research modules. Her work in failure analysis of implants focuses on simulation of mechanically assisted crevice corrosion at modular interfaces. Within physical joint functional testing, she is involved in mechanical failure testing of surgical techniques, development of an experimental model of the patellofemoral joint, and validation and operation of a knee joint simulator. Amanda also assists with experimental design on core tissue and biomaterials testing projects. 

Select Publications

Lange J, Wach A, Koch CN, Hopper RH Jr, Ho H, Engh CA Jr, Wright TM, Padgett DE, “Do Well-functioning THAs Retrieved at Autopsy Exhibit Evidence of Fretting and Corrosion?” Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2018.

Xu R, Yallowitz A, Qin A, Wu Z, Yeon Shin D, Kim JM, Debnath S, Ji G, Bostrom M, Yang X, Zhang C, Dong H, Kermani P, Lalani S, Li N, Liu Y, Poulos M, Wach A, Zhang Y, Inoue K, Di Lorenzo A, Zhao B, Bulter J, Shim JH, Glimcher LH, Greenblatt MB, “Targeting skeletal endothelium to ameliorate bone loss.” Nature Medicine 24(6) 2018.

Rowan FE, Wach A, Wright TM, Padgett DE, “The onset of fretting at the head-stem connection in hip arthroplasty is affected by head material and trunnion design under simulated corrosion conditions.” Journal of Orthopaedic Research 36(6) 2018.

Amanda Wach, MS

Tel: 646.714.6203