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As Young as You Feel - Active After Hip Replacement

Alfred Berger is 96 years old and has lived in the same co-op in New York City for 45 years – a residence just blocks from where he was born. In fact, he still works full-time managing investment portfolios and real estate.  

“I played a lot of tennis in my younger days and developed a hip problem,” says Mr. Berger, “and my cardiologist recommended Hospital for Special Surgery.”

With the additional recommendation from a friend who underwent hip surgery at HSS, Mr. Berger sought the care of Thomas Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief at HSS, who diagnosed osteoarthritis of the hip. “OA has become the focus of national attention, with physicians, scientists, rehabilitation specialists, and educators pooling their resources and expertise to tackle this growing concern,” explains Dr. Sculco.

“That is the real challenge – not only preventing OA from ever occurring, but when it is present, preventing its progression to a disabling condition. We need to determine how we can intercede in an earlier fashion to change the course of the disease.”

HSS leads a multi-disciplinary approach to treat the broad range of hip conditions that can occur at any stage of life, including teens, active adults and seniors like Mr. Berger. The expertise of our leading scientists and clinicians throughout HSS is allowing us to identify various stages of hip disease and provide the tools for researchers to dig deeper into their underlying causes.

A year following hip replacement, Mr. Berger continues to work and maintain an active lifestyle. “Friends of mine 30 years younger kept telling me ‘don’t do it,’” says Mr. Berger. But he decided differently. “I didn’t have one minute of pain after surgery. I think Dr. Sculco is a genius.”


Alfred Berger

Patient Stories

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