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Who Will Be Your Anesthesiologist?

YOUR HSS ANESTHESIOLOGISTMany factors go into determining the choice of anesthesiologist for any given patient or procedure.The overwhelming consideration is matching the clinical expertise of the anesthesiologist with the patient and procedure. While each and every one of our staff is highly trained and an expert in his/her field, some have developed particular areas of interest and clinical expertise. For example, several anesthesiologists specialize in pediatric anesthesia. These physicians care for the vast majority of our pediatric patients.

Other considerations include the patient's preferences. Quite often, patients presenting for surgery will have had prior experience with anesthesiologists at HSS. If a patient's previous experience was particularly positive, it is quite reasonable to request the same anesthesiologist for subsequent surgeries. This can be arranged through your surgeon's office or by calling the Department of Anesthesiology directly.

Finally, some anesthesiologists are involved in clinical research studies to improve patient outcomes and clinical care. If your anesthesiologist is involved in such a study, they will discuss it with you in great detail prior to proceeding. In any case, be assured that the Director of the Department will ensure that the best anesthesiologist available will care for your needs during and following surgery at HSS.