Our Clinical Staff

Our dedicated group of physician assistants, nurses, nurse anesthetists, technical, and research staff are essential to our high quality of anesthesia care.

Michael Finkenbine, CRNA

 Pain Services

  • Janey Belack, R-PAC
  • Jennifer Cangialosi, RN
  • Cheryl Conwell, ANP-BC, DNP, C
  • Alexandra Cipriano, PA-C
  • Kelly Culot, RPA-C
  • Lisle Duplan, RN
  • Donna Eckenrode, NP
  • Deepa Maria Jose, ANP-BC
  • Mary Kelly, RN, ONC, C
  • Alison LeBlanc, NP
  • Michael Lichardi, RPA-C
  • Christy Loughlin, RPA-C
  • Michele L. Mangini-Vendel, ANCP-BC, DNP
  • Olive Miltar, RPA-C
  • Mario Nova, RPA-C
  • Grace Parreno, RN, FNP
  • Brian D. Philips, MS, RN, FNP
  • Caitlin O'Shaughnessy, NP
  • Tabatha Poole, RPA-C
  • Geraldine Tomakin-Pilla, RN, NP
  • Kenneth Van Ora, RPA-C
  • Barbara Wukovits, RN, BSN*


  • Junior Rigby***
  • Garrick Austin
  • Grell Barnes
  • Raymond Daniel
  • Colin McKenzie
  • Hector Pineda

*Director, Pain Services
**Assistant Director, Research
***Anesthesia Tech Manager


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

  • Donna Hasil, CRNA
  • Kaitlyn Alterman, CRNA
  • Katherine Ampolini, CRNA
  • Elizabeth Caliwara, CRNA
  • Jubilee Chiang, CRNA
  • Michael Finkenbine, CRNA
  • Claire Karlick, CRNA
  • Sara Listokin, CRNA
  • Mary Maher, CRNA
  • Loren N. McGahee, CRNA
  • Lisa Nigro, CRNA
  • Sesle Olsen, CRNA
  • Jennifer Ross, CRNA
  • Wendy Smart-Lazare, CRNA
  • Jande Weeks, CRNA
  • Joanna Yen, CRNA

Research Division

  • Isabel Armendi
  • Valeria Buschiazzo
  • Jennifer Cheng, PhD
  • Jodie Curren, BSN, RN, CCRP
  • Natasha Desai
  • Kara Fields, MS
  • George Go
  • Katherine Lee
  • Thuyvan Luu
  • (Katie) Phuong Dinh Mac
  • Denesy Mancenido, CCRP**
  • Miguel Vizarreta Sandoval
  • Angie Zhang









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