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What You Need to Know About Clinical Research

You may be approached by an anesthesiologist about participating in a research study. While the Department of Anesthesiology hopes eligible patients will consider participating in clinical research, participation is completely voluntary.

 All clinical research projects at HSS have been approved by our Institutional Review Board, which ensures that all research does not have any unreasonable risks.

The Need for Clinical Research

Research identifies ways to improve the Department of Anesthesiology's approach to anesthesia and pain control. By participating in research, patients who are eligible can help us improve our practice of anesthesia for future patients.

About Our Research Division

Types of Clinical Research

  • A clinical trial determines if one therapy has advantages over another therapy.  This research compares the two therapies and gathers information about their outcomes.
  • An observational study involves performing our usual anesthetic while collecting additional information in order to determine rates of benefits and side effects.

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From Research:

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