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Annual Regional Anesthesia Symposium:

"Controversies and Fundamentals in Regional Anesthesia"


symposiumThe Department of Anesthesiology at Hospital for Special Surgery presents an annual symposium entitled "Controversies & Fundamentals in Regional Anesthesia". This program is designed for all anesthesia practitioners interested in improving their regional anesthesia practice.

This accredited symposium is a comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art practice of regional anesthesia. Small teacher to student workshops in regional anesthetic techniques, including ultrasound-guided blocks, are the foundation of this program.

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This symposium brings together, in New York City, for one day, the internationally renowned Hospital for Special Surgery faculty, along with esteemed guest faculty, to present state-of-the-art developments in regional anesthesia. These leading experts in anesthesiology discuss and review fundamental concepts and present current information in areas of clinical controversy.

Emphasis is also placed on practical aspects of regional anesthesia. Specialized workshops give all participants the opportunity, through "hands-on" interaction with “patient models”, to better understand specific regional anesthesia techniques. They are able to observe and practice the use of nerve stimulator or ultrasound- guided techniques as well as the placement and use of in-dwelling catheters.

Ultimately each participant will be exposed to a variety of didactical material and practical instruction that will vastly facilitate the choice of a safe and effective anesthetic technique for their patients.

For further information on our annual Symposium or any of the Department’s academic programs, please contact Mary Hargett at

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April 18, 2015

19th Annual Symposium
Best Practices in Anesthesia For Orthopaedic Surgery

Vitruvious Pollio, Marcus. De Architecture Homo, 1521 Leaf 49 Reprinted with permission from Harvey Cushing/John Whitney Medical Library, Yale University

The Graduate Center, CUNY
New York, NY

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