Anesthesiology for Professionals

Clinical Staff

Our dedicated group of physician assistants, nurses, nurse anesthetists, technical, and research staff are essential to our high quality of anesthesia care.

Michael Finkenbine, CRNA

 Pain Services

  • Janey Belack, R-PAC
  • Jennifer Cangialosi, RN
  • Cheryl Conwell, ANP-BC, DNP, C
  • Alexandra Cipriano, PA-C
  • Kelly Culot, RPA-C
  • Lisle Duplan, RN
  • Donna Eckenrode, NP
  • Deepa Maria Jose, ANP-BC
  • Mary Kelly, RN, ONC, C
  • Alison LeBlanc, NP
  • Michael Lichardi, RPA-C
  • Christy Loughlin, RPA-C
  • Michele L. Mangini-Vendel, ANCP-BC, DNP
  • Olive Miltar, RPA-C
  • Mario Nova, RPA-C
  • Grace Parreno, RN, FNP
  • Brian D. Philips, MS, RN, FNP
  • Caitlin O'Shaughnessy, NP
  • Tabatha Poole, RPA-C
  • Geraldine Tomakin-Pilla, RN, NP
  • Kenneth Van Ora, RPA-C
  • Barbara Wukovits, RN, BSN*


  • Junior Rigby***
  • Garrick Austin
  • Grell Barnes
  • Raymond Daniel
  • Colin McKenzie
  • Hector Pineda

*Director, Pain Services
**Assistant Director, Research
***Anesthesia Tech Manager


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

  • Donna Hasil, CRNA
  • Kaitlyn Alterman, CRNA
  • Katherine Ampolini, CRNA
  • Elizabeth Caliwara, CRNA
  • Jubilee Chiang, CRNA
  • Michael Finkenbine, CRNA
  • Claire Karlick, CRNA
  • Sara Listokin, CRNA
  • Mary Maher, CRNA
  • Loren N. McGahee, CRNA
  • Lisa Nigro, CRNA
  • Sesle Olsen, CRNA
  • Jennifer Ross, CRNA
  • Wendy Smart-Lazare, CRNA
  • Jande Weeks, CRNA
  • Joanna Yen, CRNA

Research Division

  • Isabel Armendi
  • Valeria Buschiazzo
  • Jennifer Cheng, PhD
  • Jodie Curren, BSN, RN, CCRP
  • Natasha Desai
  • Kara Fields, MS
  • George Go
  • Katherine Lee
  • Thuyvan Luu
  • (Katie) Phuong Dinh Mac
  • Denesy Mancenido, CCRP**
  • Miguel Vizarreta Sandoval
  • Angie Zhang









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