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Anesthesia Research at HSS

What patients should know

Patients at HSS may be approached about participating in research studies, including research in anesthesia. While we hope that eligible patients will consider participating in clinical research at HSS, there is absolutely no obligation to participate -- it is strictly voluntary. All clinical research projects at HSS have been approved by the Institutional Review Board, which ensures that the research does not have any unreasonable risks.

Why do we perform research in the Anesthesiology Department?

The Anesthesiology Department at HSS is committed to continually improving the quality, efficacy , and safety of anesthesia.  We believe that properly conducted clinical research is safe and beneficial to our patients, because research leads the way to improved anesthesia and pain control.  These improvements are directly related to our ability to provide our services at a higher quality. By participating in research, eligible candidates can help us improve our practice of anesthesia for future patients.

Types of clinical research

A clinical trial determines if a given therapy has advantages over another therapy.  This research compares the two therapies and gathers information about outcomes . An observational study involves performing our usual anesthetic while collecting additional information in order to determine rates of benefits and side effects.

The Department would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of the past and present research assistants at HSS, whose dedication and support have made this entire program possible.

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