Anesthesiology for Professionals

Anesthesiology Fellows

2017-2018 Fellows

The Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship has graduated more than 125 regional anesthesiologists and acute pain management specialists who practice across five continents and all over the United States. Each year, attending staff educates Fellows on the best practices and cutting-edge techniques the Department of Anesthesiology is known for.

Mark Brouillette, MD, Anesthesiology FellowMark Brouillette, MD

University of Kansas


Brent Gerlach, MD, Anesthesiology FellowBrent Gerlach, MD

Northwestern University


Stephanie Huang, Anesthesiology FellowStephanie Huang, MD

University of Pennsylvania


Patrick Laughlin, MD, Anesthesiology Fellow

Patrick Laughlin, MD

Georgetown University


Bradley Lee, MD, Anesthesiology FellowBradley Lee, MD

University of California at San Francisco

Patricia Pang, MD, Anesthesiology FellowPatricia Pang, MD

Weill Cornell Medical College


David Shapiro, MD, Anesthesiology FellowDavid Shapiro, MD

Mount Sinai Medical College


Michael Singleton, MD, Anesthesiology Fellow

Michael Singleton, MD

University of Utah


Ansara Vaz, MD, Anesthesiology Fellow

Ansara Vaz, MD

Weill Cornell Medical College



Perioperative Research Fellows

Our Perioperative Research Fellowship focuses on supporting the Research Division's commitment to quality research and education for all regional anesthesiologists and acute pain medicine physicians. Each year, these fellows present research at major medical conferences including the American Society of Regional Anesthesiologists (ASRA) and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).

Crispiana Cozowicz, MDCrispiana Cozowicz, MD

Dr. Lukas Pichler, Perioperative Research Fellow in AnesthesiologyLukas Pichler, MD