• Clinical electives, like a mission trip, round out the training experience
  • RA&APM Fellowship adds MSK rotation
  • HSS anesthesiologists performed more than 40K procedures in 2016
  • Learn more about the Anesthesiology Research Division
  • Our novel cadaver lab helps anesthesia fellows learn regional nerve block techniques
  • The Global Health Initiative is changing anesthesiolgy abroad

Anesthesiology for Professionals

Anesthesiology Fellows

2016-2017 Fellows in Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine


Airat Agbetoba MDAirat Agbetoba, MD

Baylor College of Medicine


Chris M. Farlinger MD MSc BKIH CSCSChris M. Farlinger, MD, MSc, BKIH, CSCS

University of Toronto


Vandy M. Gaffney II MD MSVandy M. Gaffney II, MD, MS

Georgia Regents University


Samrawit Goshu MD

Samrawit Goshu, MD

Yale University School of Medicine


Mark R. Jensen MDMark R. Jensen, MD

SUNY Downstate


Eugene Kremer, MDJeannie Lui, MD

George Washington University Hospital


Lauren M. Nakawaza MDLauren M. Nakawaza, MD

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


Perioperative Research Fellows

Crispiana Cozowicz, MDCrispiana Cozowicz, MD



Eva Moerwald, MDEva Moerwald, MD