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Awards and Achievements

HSS Anesthesiology Department Award Winners

James D. Beckman, MD, was named “2014-2015 Teacher of the Year” by the 2015 graduating fellows at the Annual Anesthesiology Department’s Fellows’ Dinner held on July 16, 2015.


James Beckman, MD, and the 2015 Fellows

Dr. James Beckman with the 2014-2015 graduating fellows at the Annual Anesthesiology Department’s Fellows’ Dinner.

Two anesthesiologists, Robert S. Griffin, MD, PhD, and Stephen Caleb Haskins, MD, were recognized for their contributions to anesthesiology education at the Cornell-New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) Department of Anesthesiology’s Graduation Dinner, held on June 5, 2015.

Dr. Robert Griffin & Dr. Stephen Caleb Haskins

Robert S. Griffin, MD, PhD, (left) and Stephen Caleb Haskins, MD, (right) were recognized at the NYPH Department of Anesthesiology’s Graduation Dinner.

Dr. Griffin was named the 2015 Teacher of the Year by the Tri-Institutional Pain Management Fellows. The fellows rotate between NYPH-Cornell, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and HSS. Each year, they award one attending physician from all of the institutions to win the “Teacher of the Year” award.

Dr. Haskins was chosen by the Cornell Anesthesiology Residents as the 2015 HSS Teacher of the Year. Dr. Haskins was recognized for his teaching skills in the operating room and in the Focused Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography Courses, which he directs and teaches, for the Cornell residents each year.

The HSS Anesthesiology Department congratulates all honorees for their exemplary leadership in anesthesiology and pain management care.

Past recipients of the “Teacher of the Year” award include:

• 2013-2014: Lauren Turteltaub, MD
• 2012-2013: Cephas Swamidoss, MD, MPH
• 2011-2012   Chris R. Edmonds, MD
• 2010-2011 Michael A. Gordon, MD
• 2009-2010 Enrique A. Goytizolo, MD
• 2008-2009   Nigel E. Sharrock, MB, ChB
• 2007-2008 Kethy M. Jules-Elysee, MD
• 2006-2007 Michael A. Gordon, MD
• 2005-2006 Enrique A. Goytizolo, MD
• 2004-2005 Nigel E. Sharrock, MB, ChB
• 2003-2004 Chris R. Edmonds, MD
• 2002-2003 Jacques T. Ya Deau, MD, PhD

Other past recipients of the "Teacher of the Year" by the graduating anesthesiology residents at Weill Cornell Medical College include:

• 2013-2014 Sean Garvin, MD
• 2012-2013 Cephas Swamidoss, MD, MPH
• 2011-2012 Stephen N. Harris, MD
• 2010-2011 Douglas S. T. Green, MD
• 2009-2010 Kethy M. Jules-Elysee, MD
• 2008-2009 Michael C. Ho, MD
• 2007-2008 Daniel B. Maalouf, MD, MPH

Fellow Awards

Anjali Rozario, MD, a 2014-2015 Anesthesiology Fellow, was chosen as the recipient of the "HSS Attending Anesthesiologists' Award for Clinical Excellence." 2014-2015 Anesthesiology Fellow Ellen Soffin, MD, was given the “Dr. Nigel E. Sharrock Award for Academic Excellence” award.

2015 Fellow Award Winners

Left: Dr. Jonathan C. Beathe, Director of Anesthesiology Training Programs and Dr. Rozario.
Right: Dr. Beathe, Dr. Soffin, and Dr. Nigel Sharrock