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Our Patients' Experience in Anesthesiology

What do our patients say about their anesthesia experience?


• Dr. Nejim was excellent. I've always had a problem with anesthesia and he listened to my concerns & was compassionate. He also visited me after surgery to make sure I was ok
• I was especially impressed with the anesthesiologist's decision to alter the usual procedure given the special circumstances of hardware in my back.
• You must know that Dr. Beckman - was wonderful. After numerous surgeries, this is the first time I did not have a reaction to the anesthesia.
• Dr. Roch is clear & professional with a human touch.
• Dr. Paroli was incredibly knowledgeable and informative. I really was impressed and thankful for his care.
• Dr. Ho spent extra time discussing the procedure and expectations while we waited for the surgeon to finish a prior case.
• Dr. Kahn, my anesthesiologist, stood out amongst an excellent staff. He was clear, agreed to my request to be awake during the procedure, and talked to me the whole time. A genuinely caring bedside manner - one of the best I've ever experienced.
• The anesthesiologist was great with his explanation of how he was going to administer the anesthesia. I had never had a complete nerve block on my arm before, no complaints whatsoever!
• Dr. Andrew Lee was very thorough in explaining what he would do, my pain control was exceptional.
• Dr. Wagner was great! No anesthesia issues & explained everything to me!
• Loved Dr. Quinn - he was very caring, gave clear and concise answers, and was very soft spoken and charming I must say.
• Dr. Gordon was engaging, informative, confident, conversational & funny - all of which helped with pre-procedure nerves. No wonder he won a teaching award twice.
• Dr. Lin provided wonderful care before & after surgery.
• Dr. DiMeo was great, he explained the procedure, answered our questions, spoke to my wife immediately after surgery & also saw me before I was discharged from HSS.
• Dr. Garvin gave thorough explanations of the procedures and I had every confidence in him.
• Dr. Urmey was understanding & thoroughly explained what was to occur.
• Dr. YaDeau really listened to and heard my concerns about no narcotics, and did excellent work with nerve block.
• The anesthesiologist was awesome; we had a family history of troubled anesthesia experience and he took extra time to speak with me and showed concern for my well being. Loved him.
• Dr. David Lee was very kind & reassuring.
• Dr. LaSala spoke with me prior to surgery, and I let him know I have had difficulty waking after anesthesia in the past, as well as normally very nauseated after anesthesia and that I am allergic to the most commonly used anti-nausea medication. He listened to my concerns and as a result I woke from anesthesia normally and didn't experience any nausea. His superb care allowed me to have a shorter hospital stay!