Anesthesia Care at HSS

Dr. Stephen C. Haskins, anesthesiologist, instructs a fellow on a regional anesthesia technique

The Department of Anesthesiology primarily provides two types of anesthesia — regional and general — both of which are well-suited for orthopedic patients.

Anesthesiologists focus on managing your vital signs, pain, and distress before, during, and after surgery and monitor your sleep/consciousness during surgery. A member of the anesthesia team is by your side throughout the entire operation to address changes in your blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, oxygen, and sedation levels.

Anesthesiologists are experts on developing the best plan to anesthetize you for your specific operation and manage your pain during and after the procedure. Every anesthesiologist at HSS has gone to medical school, an internship, and residency program in anesthesia — adding up to more than eight years of medical education, plus years of experience in the operating room.

Most of our anesthesiologists have additional experience in areas such as pediatric anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, critical care medicine, and chronic pain in order to provide diverse, customized anesthesia care during your surgery.

The Department of Anesthesiology performed more than 45,000 procedures in 2017. This volume helps our experts perfect their practice and bring you customized care.


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