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HSS Alumni

Class Representatives

The Class Representative Program was created by the Alumni Association as a network, to help maintain lasting relationships among HSS graduates. Each representative will act as the voice that binds the class together. The goal of the initiative is to foster alumni networks and promote HSS pride. These representatives have volunteered to assist in establishing a successful Alumni Association and build the reputation of HSS.

Resident Representatives

1977 Jon Wang, MD

1978 Richard Salzer, MD

1979 Lewis B. Lane, MD

1980 John Doherty Jr., MD

1981 John F. Mendes, MD

1982 Robert E. Atkinson, MD

1983 Thomas J. Nordstrom, MD

1984 Domenick Sisto, MD

1985 Thomas Mauri, MD

1986 Thomas McCoy, MD

1988 Robert Klapper, MD

1989 Steven H. Stern, MD

1990 Scott Kantor, MD

1991 William F. Flynn, Jr. MD, FAAOS, MD

1992 Peter F. Rizzo, MD

1993 G. Hadley Callaway, MD

1994 John T. Braun, MD

1995 John C. L'Insalata, MD

1996 Christopher T. Behr, MD

1997 Laurence Higgins, MD

1998 Kevin F. Bonner, MD, FAAOS

1999 Gregory S. DiFelice, MD, and Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD

2000 Adam Schafritz, MD

2001 David C. Johnson, MD

2002 Matthew M. Roberts, MD

2003 Aruna M. Seneviratne, MD

2004 Martin Dolan, MD

2005 Peter D. Asnis, MD

2006 Christina E. Kuo, MD, and Anil S. Ranawat, MD

2007 Wakenda Tyler, MD, PhD

2008 William J. Robertson, MD

2009 Daryl C. Osbahr, MD

2010 Seth Sherman, MD

2011 Sommer Hammoud, MD, and Haydee C. Brown, MD

2012 Michael B. Cross, MD

2013 Samuel A. Taylor, MD

2014 Durham Weeks, MD

Fellow Representatives

Christopher Cook, MD
Yi Lin, MD

Foot & Ankle Service
Andrew A. Brief, MD, FAAOS
MaCalus Hogan, MD
Paul Kovatis, MD

Hand & Upper Extremity Service
Nina Suh, MD

Peter J. Moley, MD
Kathleen Davenport, MD

Yoshimi Endo, MD

Jessica Gordon, MD
Juliet Aizer, MD
Joseph A. Markenson, MD
Karen Onel, MD
Jonathan Samuels, MD
Susan Kim, MD
Soumya Chakravarty, MD

Mazda Farshad, MD
Joshua Schroeder, MD

Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service
Asheesh Bedi, MD
Demetris Delos, MD
Jonas R. Rudzki, MD
Christopher J. Wahl, MD

Trauma Service
Jeremy LaMothe, MD

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