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ACL Injury Prevention Program

Become Healthy, Strong, and Stable with ACL Injury Prevention at Hospital for Special Surgery. Whether you are recovering from an injury, interested in minimizing your risk, or looking to improve your performance, our program can help.

Our Expert Team
Our expert team of exercise physiologists, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and physical therapists work with you to minimize your risk of ACL injury.

Designed for Athletes of All Ages, Genders, and Abilities
The ACL Injury Prevention Program is designed for athletes of all ages, genders, and abilities. Although ACL injuries are most common in teenagers, especially females, all athletes involved in sports that require cutting/pivoting, jumping, and deceleration are at risk. Studies show that athletes can significantly reduce that risk with training regimens that improve their skills in those areas, which is what our program aims to do.

Initial Screening
Our multi-phased program is tailored specifically for you; our philosophy is that one size does not fit all. An initial screening of your current training regimen, your injury history, movement patterns, and dynamic stability by an exercise physiologist and physical therapist will get you started.

Developing a Program for You
After your initial screening, our team will recommend the appropriate training level for you. A personalized program will be developed, with exercises that will help you reach the goal of your particular training phrase and allow you to progress to the next level.

Our program includes feedback on technique, improving movement patterns, plyometrics, balance/proprioception (mind-body connection) agility, flexibility, sufficient intensity, and strength training, particularly for the muscles in the thigh, hip, and core. We also believe that rest is an important part of your training regimen to keep you fresh physically and mentally.

Training is critical for performance as well as injury prevention. This program is designed to guide you in your home training program. In addition, 30 or 60 minute ACL Injury Prevention training sessions are available in individual or group format. 

Please note that if you have had ACL surgery within the past year, your surgeon will clear you for participation.



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