Anesthesiology for Professionals

Clinical Electives & Academic Activities

Clinical Electives

Our clinical electives provide our Fellows with a unique opportunity to enhance their training experience.  Ranging from additional experience with our Acute Pain Service Team to medical missions and volunteerism, we offer a wide variety of elective paths.

Any elective must be pre-approved by the Director, Dr. Liguori. Elective time is limited[MH1]  to two weeks or a maximum of 10 work days. Fellows choosing an elective that requires travel are asked to work one Saturday OR, without compensation, to help defray expenses. Fellows may submit a proposal for a self-designed elective to Dr. Liguori for consideration.

Previous elective options have included:

  • One additional week on the Acute Pain Service
  • One week’s observership with the Interventional Pain Management Team
  • One week’s experience with the Critical Care Team
  • One to two weeks medical mission/volunteerism opportunity
  • One to two weeks clinical and teaching experience at an approved institution
  • One week (five days) of non-clinical time dedicated to academic/research activities
  • One to two weeks as an academic observer at another regional anesthesia/acute pain medicine program
  • Two weeks at Paracelsus University in Salzburg, which includes clinical work and lecture presentation
  • One week in Copenhagen attending an advanced course in Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography (FATE)

Academic Activity and Tracks

All Fellows must participate in academic activity.  They may focus their academic activity at HSS in many areas including clinical research, historical research, co-authoring review articles, writing book chapters and creating curricula for sustainable missions.

The Fellowship also provides specific scholarly tracks – including global health, informatics, anesthesia history, and bioethics.

Fellows are contacted prior to the Fellowship and provided with a listing of suggested academic activity and tracks.  They may then consult with their assigned Faculty Advisor or a member of the Department’s Educational Leadership Team to discuss options.  Fellows applying for specific tracks will be interviewed by the Attending Staff leading those initiatives before selections are made.