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Anesthesiology for Professionals

Clinical Elective Program for Fellows

To enhance training experience, the Department of Anesthesiology offers a variety of electives to fellows enrolled in the Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship.

Self-designed program options are available. All electives must be pre-approved by the Director of the Department of Anesthesiology. Each Fellow must submit a proposed budget for the elective to the Director along with his/her request. Elective time is limited to one to two weeks (a maximum of 10 workdays).

Previous fellow elective options have included:

  • One additional week on the Acute Pain Service
  • One week’s observership with the Interventional Pain Management Team
  • One week’s experience with the Critical Care Team
  • One to two weeks medical mission/volunteerism opportunity
  • One to two weeks clinical and teaching experience at an approved institution
  • One week (five days) of non-clinical time dedicated to academic/research activities
  • One to two weeks as an academic observer at another regional anesthesia/acute pain medicine program

Advanced FATE Certification

After completion of basic FATE certification, fellows who have additional interest in learning and practicing focused cardiac ultrasound can travel to Copenhagen to complete the Advanced FATE training and certification. It is also recommended to take one of the other POCUS courses offered in Copenhagen, such as the emergency POCUS course that teaches lung and abdominal ultrasound.

Practice & Teach Abroad

Fellows in Paracelsus Medical University

The Department of Anesthesiology understands the importance of sharing advancements in anesthetic practice with other clinicians. Fellows have the option to travel and practice with affiliate hospitals in the following areas:

  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Genk, Belgium

Medical Missions & Volunteerism

There is a great need for clinical expertise in parts of the developing world. Fellows have the opportunity to provide anesthesia in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.



Insight From Our Fellows:

Lee Rasamany, MD, 2015-2016 Fellow

Improving Uganda’s Surgical Outcomes through Regional Anesthesiology Education
by Lee Rasamny, MD, 2015-2016 Fellow

Jennifer Charles, MD, 2015-2016 Fellow

An Inside Look at Anesthesia Care in a Developing Nation
by Jennifer Charles, MD, 2015-2016 Fellow

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