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8000 Miles to Mobility

Noel Trinidad, 66, had never even heard of Hospital for Special Surgery when he scheduled his bilateral hip replacement surgery at a hospital near his home in the Philippines. However, when his daughter suggested he come to New York for the surgery instead, he re-considered.

“My daughter said that while we have terrific doctors there, the equipment would be much more state-of-the-art in New York,” said Mr. Trinidad. He and his daughter first found out about Hospital for Special Surgery by conducting research on the Internet. After using HSS.edu to learn more about the Hospital’s physicians, Mr. Trinidad decided to call Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief – a decision he would later call fate. “I liked Dr. Sculco immediately – he had a very good bedside manner, and was a perfect gentleman,” said Mr. Trinidad. “I felt very at ease with him.”

Mr. Trinidad found it was very easy to schedule pre-operative appointments and manage all of the logistics associated with receiving medical care abroad, thanks to Dr. Sculco’s nurse, Penny Saulog, and the International Center. “I really felt this was a very organized hospital, and very professional. I don’t recall any time when I had to question something,” said Mr. Trinidad. Even before his surgery, Mr. Trinidad had received detailed documents from the International Center about what he could expect during his post-operative recovery, as well as assistance with the billing process. “Everyone we encountered – in the office of Dr. Sculco, the nurses in the recovery room, and the International Center staff – were all very helpful,” he said. The International Center serves patients from around the globe traveling to HSS by coordinating all aspects of the hospital stay and helping to ensure that patients and their families are comfortable and all concerns are addressed.

Mr. Trinidad was thrilled with the results of his surgery, calling it a “blessing” to have found HSS and Dr. Sculco. With his mobility restored, Mr. Trinidad is looking forward to returning to one of his favorite pastimes – traveling with his wife. During the two years prior to his surgery, he would find himself stopping and having to rest during long walks. Now, just two months after his surgery, he has no difficulty walking for long periods of time. Soon, Mr. Trinidad and his wife will be spending a month in Spain. Mr. Trinidad said they plan to travel all over the country and are looking forward to doing a lot of walking – thanks to Dr. Sculco and Hospital for Special Surgery.

Mr. Trinidad believes that it was well worth traveling over 8,000 miles to receive the best medical care available, and said that if a friend from the Philippines needed surgery, he would recommend they make the trip to HSS “without blinking an eyelash.”

Noel Trinidad