• Answering your questions about surgical anesthesia
  • The Global Health Initiative is changing anesthesiolgy abroad
  • Regional anesthesia is well-suited for patients undergoing orthopedic surgery


Our Anesthetic Techniques

Kanupriya Kumar, MD, anesthesiologistAnesthesia is the practice of numbing parts of the body so that they can be operated on safety and effectively without additional pain; anesthesia starts before the surgery begins and impacts your recovery after your surgery ends. Your anesthesiologist at HSS will be caring for you and monitoring your pain levels throughout each stage of your stay at HSS.

There are several types of anesthesia techniques used at HSS. Regional anesthesia is the technique of taking away all feeling from the specific part of your body being operated on. General anesthesia renders the entire body numb. Both approaches have their risks and benefits.

Your anesthesiologist will discuss the specifics of your case and create a customized anesthetic plan that provides you with the best pain relief and recovery options. In some cases, general anesthesia is preferred.

If you have any questions or concerns about your anesthesia care prior to your surgery, please contact the Department of Anesthesiology for a pre-anesthetic consultation.

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