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Virginia Dunphy, Hackettstown, NJ – full knee replacement
In June, Dr. Mayman did a revision on my left knee. Previously I had an Oxford unilateral knee replacement, a second surgery to replace a small plastic disc, and was left with continual pain and a pronounced limp. On my first visit to Dr. Mayman’s office, he assured me that, yes, I needed a full replacement, but the quality of my life would be improved. That was an understatement.

As I ponder the many people and things for which I am thankful, Dr. Mayman is at the top of my list. Through his surgery, my physical therapist, and the advice, commitment, and support offered by both, I feel like a new person. I am hiking and riding a bike - two things that I have not done for five years. Going up and down the stairs is no longer an arduous task.

Perhaps the greatest testimony I could give you would come from my students. I teach high school and was in the building a few days before school opened. I overheard a student say, “I thought that was Mrs. Dunphy for a moment, but she doesn’t have a limp.” When I turned around to face them, the shock on their faces and genuine happiness was evident. And at that time, I was still in physical therapy! I know I will be a few weeks late for my check-up, but I am coaching a winter sport again (another activity I have not been able to do for years) and will make an appointment as soon as it is over. My daughter is studying in Scotland this semester and I will be traveling with my family overseas to visit her - again, something I would not have been able to do a short year ago.

We have a trip to the highlands planned, and none of this would have been possible without Dr. Mayman’s skills and expertise. Words will never convey my sincere appreciation for giving me back my life. I am so thankful to Dr. Mayman and to everyone I met at and through HSS. I will continue to share my good fortune through recommendation to any person who asks where I had my surgery preformed.

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