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Sharon Frazier, New York, NY hip resurfacing
I am so grateful to Dr. Michael Maynard for giving me back my hip! On July 15, 2009, Dr. Maynard performed a hip resurfacing operation on my right hip, and I am now fully restored back to a pain-free and active life again!

In June 2008 I was hit sideways by a New York City bike messenger on 86th street resulting in a severely sprained ankle, a concussion with 6 stitches, and a very bad bruise on my right hip. Upon my recovery, I continued to train my clients in cardiac rehab by walk/running in the park, dance classes, and a full teaching schedule in movement therapy. I was in constant pain when I finished my classes and had to stop my activities of dancing and running.

I phoned Dr. Sculco at HSS, since I have worked with his patients for over 20 years as a movement therapist, and asked him for a referral for hip resurfacing. He referred me to Dr. Maynard and stated that he was the perfect doctor for me! I was frustrated as I had seen 5 other doctors regarding the hip resurfacing operation and they all wanted me to do a hip replacement. I am 56 and most of the doctors believed my bones may not be strong enough for the re-surfacing. I had a bone scan and the numbers in the scan were 8 years ahead of my age.

Upon my first appointment with Dr. Maynard, his warmth, candor and explanations about my options captured me. He understood I was a dancer and athlete and that I make a living helping other people with movement. I needed to have a hip operation which would never limit my work with movement or performance.

Dr. Maynard explained my options very thoroughly, calmly explaining all the items I would have to address after surgery to recover full mobility for my job. Before the operation, I had difficulty walking 5 blocks and had not been able to dance for a year due to pain. I had tried acupuncture, massage, rolfing, and anti inflammatory drugs to deal with the pain that I lived with on an ongoing basis.

The operation by Dr. Maynard was a total success and I am now completely pain free!

To recover full dance mobility, Dr. Maynard had explained I needed intensive physical therapy for five to six months at HSS, including stretching and strength work for all the muscles in the hip. I added ballet bar classes with the Pilates reformer and Yoga for my own personal rehab 7 months after the operation.

Dr. Maynard and Dr. Sculco are both most pleased with my recovery and mobility!

A year later I have full mobility and have started my dance training again at Alvin Ailey. I dance and perform the Brazilian Samba, so I now am in classes to resume this dance. I am also in classes for African and Haitian dance. I recently started jumping rope and running again.

I am teaching the Sharon Frazier Method which blends Yoga/Pilates/foam roller/Core Fusion with Restorative Movement to my clients with no limitations.

People have trouble determining which hip was operated on!


Sharon Frazier, post op, demonstrating the Sharon Frazier Method

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