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Sally Anderson, Jacksonville, FL – tibial revision of total knee replacement
When I was 34, I had my first total knee replacement due to traumatic arthritis from a sports injury. As the saying goes, “once an athlete, always an athlete.” Six months following this replacement, I was back on the sand playing the best volleyball of my life. You can imagine my distress and confusion when, a year later, I was nearly crippled with pain and disability worse than pre-op.

Sally Anderson (left) and volleyball friends

Despite the original surgeon acknowledging that my tibial prosthesis was hanging over the bone, he told me just to accept the pain and disability as part of a total knee replacement. This had been my ninth knee surgery, on top of the 20 other surgeries I underwent to control a chronic pain condition that had been triggered by the original injury.

After fighting so hard to control my pain and have a normal activity level, I was not willing to accept a lifetime of crippling pain and inactivity. While an esteemed surgeon at another hospital was able to clearly diagnose the tibial implant in my leg as being both too large and in the wrong position, they were not supportive of my desire to return to semi-competitive beach volleyball. I was told to stop playing in order for them to operate.

A colleague of mine then recommended Hospital for Special Surgery. Following a search of the HSS physician profiles for a surgeon I thought might be a good fit, I selected Dr. David Mayman in hopes he would be willing to consider my goals and offer me alternatives more consistent with my lifestyle. While I was certainly impressed with his compassion, intelligence, and determination after just the initial consult, it was his personal efforts to collaborate my care with local providers, his patient and personal responses to all my questions, and his consideration of my pain management needs that won my lifetime loyalty and respect.

Dr. Mayman is one of those rare physicians who practice their craft as a calling rather than a job. He is a true healer. What is even more stunning, is that this professionalism and passion for treating the whole person is evident throughout the entire HSS spectrum of care. I was especially touched by the exhaustive efforts of Heather W. and Kathleen H. in Dr. Mayman's office to help me plan my trip and coordinate my care as I traveled from FL to NY over the Christmas holiday to have surgery. They never failed to cheerfully and efficiently respond to me. Not only was my tibia revised (the original part was removed and replaced with the proper prosthetic), but my pain condition was so well managed, it never reared its head and remains in remission.

Three years later, at 39, I have won two beach volleyball championships, am kickboxing with a world-ranked trainer. I have had neither pain nor any limitations. I'd say I choose well! “Thank you” will never be sufficient to describe the gratitude I feel to Dr. Mayman and the entire HSS family.

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