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Rose Steinberg, New York, NY lumbar epidural injections
After more than 6 months of an agonizing condition which left my hip and Sacroilliac Joint injured, Dr. Wyss was the first doctor to identify the source of all my pain and medical problems. I spent many months in bed, not able to stand, sit, or walk without experiencing excruciating pain. I was essentially bound to my bed. After 5 injections to my hip, SI joint, and spine, under the care of another doctor and medical institution, there was progress but not a solution. Then I started slipping backwards towards immobility once again and I decided I needed another opinion. That is when I was introduced to Dr. Wyss at HSS.

Dr. Wyss was extremely thorough - more thorough in his examination than any other specialist I'd seen. The fellow working with him was the same. In my first visit, he identified a herniated disk and began a course of lumbar epidural injections which have helped me tremendously. While it's unclear whether I will need to have surgery to completely take care of this problem, Dr. Wyss has given me my life back. I am able to work again and, under his care, I have no doubt we'll get me the rest of the way to my goal which is to live a normal life, be back at SoulCycle spinning classes, Barry's Bootcamp, running, exercising at the gym, and living pain free.

The office is managed flawlessly. They care about their patients and they managed to help me get injections urgently, especially when I know it wasn't easy to make it happen. Thank you Dr. Wyss!

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