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Robert S. Kramer, Staten Island, NY Rotator Cuff Surgery
I was exercising in accordance to my department's policy and while performing a bench press I heard a popping noise in my left shoulder followed by immense pain and swelling. I knew that something wasn't right. I went to see Dr. Answorth Allen, a specialist in shoulder repair who diagnosed my shoulder with a torn rotator cuff that required surgery.

I want to express how professional, courteous, and helpful his office staff was. Never in my past have I ever had the pleasure of feeling so comfortable with a staff like this. When I arrived for surgery, I was greeted by the administrative staff who checked me in. This was a flawless and smooth process. From the desk reception to the assisting nurse, I felt so welcome that my surgery almost slipped my mind. I was a little apprehensive and the staff recognized this. Needless to say, I am not one that likes to get an IV. But the staff had gathered around and put my mind at ease while doing so. 

Dr. Allen is the best surgeon that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His demeanor is outstanding and his ability to express what he was going to do was done with detailed explanation. Granted, I proved to have a more difficult injury then originally diagnosed, but Dr. Allen, being the professional that he is, completed my rotator cuff repair. It has now been 5 months from my surgical date and I am back in the gym. My shoulder feels great, other then the expected issues that were clearly expressed to me by Dr. Allen. If there was ever an award for outstanding patient care it should go to Dr. Allen, his staff, and to HSS.

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