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Richard F. Levine, Poughkeepsie, NY Ė knee replacement surgery
Dear Dr. Nestor,
When we discussed my double partial knee replacement prior to my June surgery, I told you that my goal was to return to the active life style that I was accustomed to. Well, I am happy to report that eight months later I have met and exceeded my goals. Note that prior to the surgery, I wore a deloader brace on one knee and the other knee did not let me walk for more than 50 yards without needing to stop to ease the pain.

  • August: I resumed golf but was temporarily sidelined by a hernia needing repair. Too bad you could not have found a way to improve my short game when you improved my knees.
  • September: I drove to Michigan to see my son and grandchildren. I then flew on to Santa Fe and southern New Mexico where I was able to hike into Carlsbad Cavern and around Gila and White Sands parks.
  • November: I resumed playing racquetball on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Although I was generally pretty sore the next day, this has greatly reduced over time. (An Aleve or Celebrex also helps on occasion). I usually only play twice a week but it is truly great to be back on the courts. I must admit that I donít move like I used to but maybe that is also a product of being 69 years old.
  • January: Although, the northeast snow conditions left a lot to be desired, I skied for the first time and found no problem at all.
  • February: I took my yearly western ski vacation, this time in Utah. We met my son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids in Park City for four days. Then I took a day off when they left, and skied three more days. I skied in a foot of fresh powder at Snowbird on Feb 29th. Skiing is a lot less stressful on the knees than racquetball.
  • March: I left for my annual three foursome menís only golf trip with long time friends. This year we went to New Orleans for 5 days of golf and enjoyment. Last year I wore a brace on one knee, took medication, and walked as little as possible. This year, I strolled as much as I could.

The bottom line is that I can do most everything I want and am not limited by the discomfort that sometimes follows my activities. Finally, I can truly say that I would make the exact same decisions I made last spring and want to deeply thank you for your advice, and skill, and thank the staff of HSS as well.

Richard Levine skiing Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Richard Levine in Deer Valley, Carlsbad Cavern, and New Mexico

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