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Peter Bayers, New Milford, CT - Tibia/Femur Reconstruction
In February 2011, I shattered my right lower tibia and snapped by fibula when an ice dagger collapsed with me on it as I was ice-climbing. A good friend, an orthopedic surgeon by the name of John Mullen, put me in touch with Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch at HSS because of the severity of my injury.

The injury was so serious that one of Dr. Rozbruch's fellows told me later that he did not think my leg would heal. Well, using an Ilizarov fixator, Dr. Rozbruch worked a miracle and I healed beautifully. Not only that, but also out of curiosity, Dr. Rozbruch took an x-ray of an old serious injury to my left tibia, and right before I went in for my operation on my right leg, he told me I needed to fix my left leg too or I would be sorry when I was older. In June 2011, Dr. Rozbruch did reconstructive surgery on my left leg to straighten out my leg from an old injury. I had fixators on both legs for several months.

Dr. Rozbruch gave me my life back. I have returned to serious rock, ice, and Alpine climbing. I play soccer and am even running twenty miles a week with no ill effects! Dr. Rozbruch is the Man! He made me confident at every stage, reassuring me that he could fix me, and treated me with his utmost attention, as if I was the most important patient he had. I would like to add that my entire experience interacting with various employees at HSS at all stages of my ordeal was nothing but positive. HSS is a special place because of its special people, from staff, to custodians, to nurses, to P.A.'s, to doctors. They were all kind, gracious, compassionate, and professional in all their expertise. Thank you Dr. Rozbruch and thank you HSS.

Peter Bayers, post surgery and back in action.
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