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Why choose Hospital for Special Surgery for care?
Read what patients are saying about us.

Erin McCabe, Foxboro, MA — leg surgery
I broke my leg at a Patriots game on black ice in 2004. When I went in for the initial surgery, they thought the best option for me was to rod my tibia. After 9 months of continued pain, I went for a second opinion. I was told that I had a non-union tibia fracture that could be easily fixed by removing the initial rod and replacing it with a new rod to stimulate the healing process.

But 2 years out, I continued to have constant pain and found myself on and off crutches. During this time, I had two small babies and life became very difficult. I went to seek a third opinion from one of the top doctors in Boston. He said there was some healing at the fracture site and that I should not rush to have another major surgery. more

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Annie Negreann, Morganville, NJ — spine surgery
Let me begin by saying how wonderful Dr. Matthew Cunningham and his staff are. Dr. Cunningham is a brilliant surgeon. Not only is he great at what he does but he has a warm and caring personality that makes you feel very comfortable and secure. He and his staff are the kindest, most sympathetic and caring professionals. My husband Mark had a terrible accident. Dr. Cunningham with his knowledge and expertise had performed surgery on Mark, placing rods, screws and a cage in his spine. We were also always able to ask questions and received answers immediately, never feeling like we were bothering them. Tina, his administrative assistant, was exceptional, always going above and beyond for the patients, as well as Cynthia, his nursing assistant. They always made us feel so important each and every visit. We felt that Dr. Cunningham and his staff were truly interested in us and that we were very important to them. We had never been to a doctor's office where we received this kind of treatment. Mark and I knew we had made the best decision we could have by choosing Dr. Cunningham. Mark truly had the best care before, during and after the surgery!

Libbey Eicher, Archbold, OH —  spinal fusion surgery
In April of 2005, I was first diagnosed with a mild form of idiopathic scoliosis. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Toledo, Ohio and in five months, my scoliosis progressed rapidly to the point where spinal fusion surgery was necessary. I had the surgery in May of 2006 when I was 16 years old. After that surgery, I had three more corrective spine surgeries in two years. I was getting very discouraged because I felt like with each surgery, my spine was getting worse. I was in a back brace all the time and was embarrassed to have it off in front of my family because of how much I leaned to my right.

Nearly three years ago, I began to think that I would be in pain and crooked for the rest of my life but after a twist of events, we found Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei at HSS. Not only is Dr. Boachie a world-renowned spinal surgeon, but he also devotes his time to performing spinal surgeries to the people in Ghana, where he is originally from. This is one of the reasons I felt he was the right surgeon for me - because I also have a heart for Africa and mission work.

In June of 2009, Dr. Boachie performed two spinal surgeries on me one week apart. In December 2010, I had another spine surgery to trim down my instrumentation. I would not be standing straight and free from my back brace if it wasn't for Dr. Boachie and all the caring personnel I came in contact with at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Because of all the surgeries, I have been dealing with chronic lower back pain. I first saw Dr. Daniel Richman, who has been fantastic as well, who has tried, with injections, to get to the bottom of my back pain. I have also recently published a book called "Standing Up To Scoliosis" which tells of my many experiences. Hospital for Special Surgery has given me hope to live my life again, and I am so grateful for all those who were and continue to be involved in my care!

Alan Benezra, Boulder, CO —  wrist surgery
Basically, Dr. Steve K. Lee saved my life as I now live it. I'm an avid cyclist, skier, and hiker. At age 61, I broke my wrist mountain biking in Boulder, Colorado. It was an awful break with an equally horrible second opinion telling me I didn't require surgery. By 12 weeks I knew something was terribly wrong. Luckily, I got an appointment with Dr. Lee in New York City for a consult. I travel to New York City three or four times a year for work and this was one of those times. 

Dr. Lee immediately diagnosed my wrist as improper bone healing, ligament damage, deformation and suggested surgery either back in Colorado or with him. I realized rather quickly that there was only one doctor I could trust to fix me and that was Dr. Lee. I flew back to New York two weeks later for surgery. I am now two weeks post-op and my wrist is anatomically correct with minimal swelling. The pins will come out in three months and I'll have full mobility for next year's biking season. Dr. Lee did a scapholunate ligament repair, carpal tunnel release, bone graft to correct the distal radius and added plates to stabilize the reconstruction.

When I saw my wrist one week post-op, I cried. Dr. Lee put his arm around me and said he'd rather see tears of joy than tears of pain. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. No one could have done what he did for me. He explained everything to me in detail, even while in the hospital waiting for anesthesia. I don't think the word, "rush," is in his vocabulary. The office staff was incredible. If you need hand surgery, there is no other.

Alan Benezra at 3 weeks post op hiking Mt. Sanitas (click to enlarge)

Alan Benezra at 3 weeks post op hiking Mt. Sanitas (click to enlarge)

Alan Benezra at 4 weeks post op hiking Jasper Lake, 11 miles almost at the Continental Divide (click to enlarge)

Alan Benezra at 4 weeks post op hiking Jasper Lake, 11 miles almost at the Continental Divide (click to enlarge)

Betsy Ellsworth, Ann Arbor, MI —  total knee replacement
Before the age of 50, I had two total knee replacements at HSS. Dr. Mayman absolutely changed my world. My first knee replacement at HSS was on my left knee in July of 2009. During that surgery, Dr. Mayman noticed some problems with my right knee, which had been replaced six years earlier in Oregon. He brought in a plastic surgeon to deal with those issues, and in December 2009 I had muscle flap surgery on my right knee at Columbia Presbyterian. During that recovery process I learned that I was allergic to some metal components in my right knee. This led to a revision of that total knee at HSS in July 2010.

Three major surgeries in 12 months; and I am now pain free for the first time in 35 years. There is no way I can ever thank Dr. Mayman and his team enough. At 50 I am able to do things I haven't done since I was 15. I actually carry lots of Dr. Mayman's cards and hand them out to anyone who talks with me about knee pain. I live in Ann Arbor, MI and would travel any distance to work with Dr. Mayman. Thank you HSS.

Irina Appel, New York, NY — spine surgery
As a person who calls herself a “pro” when it comes to surgeries and surgeons, I have never written a letter to compliment surgeon - mostly because there was never much to be said. Some of my surgeries were satisfactory and some were not. One surgery left me in a far worse condition than I was before. It is important to specify that none of these surgeries were performed at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

That brings me to my latest, and hopefully last, surgery. Dr. James Farmer was recommended to me by a doctor whom I trust and who is not affiliated with HSS. A few of his own patients were operated on by Dr. Farmer and were highly satisfied with the results. Before sending me to him, my doctor specified that Dr. James Farmer is a conservative surgeon who will not operate on a patient just for the sake of it, but will only operate if he finds it absolutely necessary. more

Roseanne Kenney, Florham Park, NJ — shoulder surgery
I had been suffering with a "frozen shoulder" for nearly nine months. I had tried all the suggested methods to ease the pain, but it intensified. I then came in for a consultation with Dr. Altchek. He was very calming and informative. He let me know what to expect, should I choose surgery. I needed to improve my quality of life, so I decided to have the surgery. From that day forward, I had amazing care. I was put in touch with his P.A. I was able to contact him whenever I had a question before, or after the surgery. He always responded quickly, which gave me peace of mind. I recieved prompt and courteous attention from Dr. Altchek and his staff at all times and would highly recommend their services.

Carol Venuto, Bloomsburg, PA — knee surgery
By the time I saw Dr. Figgie, my knees were in bad shape. I was no longer able to enjoy the trips I loved so much. During a family reunion last summer, we stayed at a historic victorian hotel alongside beautiful falls, but I suffered constantly going up and down the stairs (there were no elevators). I could not do much hiking at all there, nor at our favorite ocean/redwoods spot in Northern, CA. Dr. Figgie and HSS gave me my life back, and I thank you.

Ronald Lukoff, Oyster Bay, NY — ankle distraction
I had been suffering from bone-on-bone pain in my left ankle for ten years. It stemmed from a broken ankle I suffered 58 years ago, I am now 66. The pain became so unbearable that I considered having the ankle fused. I was not a candidate for an ankle replacement because my ankle had become too deformed to line up straight. I was opposed to fusing the ankle, but felt as though I had no other choice. I must have seen 25 of the top doctors in New York at all the major hospitals. I got very lucky when I got the name of Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch, who did an ankle distraction. I was in a fixator for 3 months, which was not pleasant, but was certainly manageable. When it was removed, the bone-on-bone pain was gone and the cartilage had regenerated. My pain was gone, and I was able to do normal activities again. Now, one year later, I am playing golf and some tennis, and pain is a distant memory. Thank you Dr. Rozbruch.

Lynne Cullinane, Titusville, NJ — hip, spine and neck surgery
In 1987 Dr. Eduardo Salvati replaced my right hip; in January, 2011, Dr. James Farmer operated on my lumbar spine; and in August, Dr. Farmer will repair my cervical stenosis. I'm beginning to feel like a regular! In every case my care has been exemplary and the results have been wonderful. The hip and lumbar surgeries freed me from pain and restored mobility. The gift of free movement is invaluable. Thank you 10,000 times.

Julie Fitzgerald, Watermill, New York — ankle distraction
My story really began 23 years ago when I tripped on a rock in a parking lot. Who knew that such a simple mishap could lead to where I am today? My fall was caused by a giant cell tumor in my right ankle that had fractured the joint. This led to surgery to remove the tumor and a graft taken from my hip to “rebuild the ankle.” Two surgeries followed by several months of recovery, I was back on my feet, with limitations and with the knowledge that “someday,” I might need to have a fusion if the ankle joint deteriorated and caused too much pain.

My “someday” finally came after years of increasing pain, swelling, tripping and waking up from painful ankle spasms. I was tired of living in pain and being afraid of falling. I hated that I could no longer walk barefoot, (especially on the beach, which I loved) without going up on tiptoe. Most of all, I was worried that as I got older, it would only get worse. I was referred to Dr. John Kennedy at HSS to explore what treatments might be available. Dr. Kennedy discussed the options including an alternative to the ankle fusion that I had so dreaded, a procedure called ankle distraction arthroplasty that he and Dr. Austin Fragomen could perform. more

Emma D. Dryden, New York, NY — back and neck surgery
My experience with the surgeon, Dr. Charles Goodwin, and staff of HSS was exceptional. In November 2010, I underwent a lower back disk fusion followed six weeks later, in December 2010, by a neck disk fusion. After nearly a year of hard-to-manage pain caused particularly by the lower back disk problem, the surgery relieved the pain and within four months of the surgeries, I was back to jogging in Central Park. The experience at HSS itself was phenomenal - from the folks who did the pre-surgical exams to the nurses and physical therapists, the overall care was constantly thoughtful, careful, and precise. I was made to feel like a participant in my own care, my domestic partner was treated with respect and included in every aspect of my treatment and care, and I was consistently impressed by HSS's dedication to being sure of their information (repeatedly asking my name and birth date) and managing my pain and comfort level. Since my experiences at HSS, I have recommended the hospital to at least ten of my friends and colleagues who have need of orthopedic assessment and surgery. I cannot recommend HSS highly enough and have my own excellent experiences and results to speak for themselves!

Emmanuel Tabi, Brooklyn, NY — humerus lengthening
My story cuts across from the continent of Africa to the great city of New York, USA. Growing up in Ghana, I came to realize how my congenital disorder of one arm longer than the other affected my self-esteem and interaction with other children of my age. However, in coming to the USA and particularly New York, I was determined to find a solution to this disorder. If anything can happen, it must be here in New York. Luckily enough, after about twenty years in the city, my friend mentioned that his wife has had a procedure done by Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch at HSS. I didn't hesitate to make an appointment to see him. My first meeting with him was very encouraging. In July 2008, I had this abnormality corrected, and since then, I've felt very happy about the whole procedure. Dr. Rozbruch and his team were excellent and showed a high level of professionalism with their work. The hospital staff at HSS was phenomenal. HSS will always be a place to recommend anyone for any orthopedic procedure. I have been really pleased with the procedure and I continue to enjoy my new humerus length by going to the gym, swimming and doing other exercises without being ashamed of exposing my upper body. Nobody recognizes the differences in the lengths of the two arms thanks to Dr. Rozbruch and his team of experts. Continue to do the good work.

Before - click to enlarge

Before - click to enlarge

After - click to enlarge

After - click to enlarge

Robert Anthony Mlaka, Lynchburg, VA — knee surgery
I have had 12 surgeries on my right leg since 2007. Between infections, complications and the surgeries not being done correctly, I suffered for 5 years and lost my job and my home.

In March of 2011, I went to HSS and met Dr. Mathias Bostrom who, in my opinion, created a miracle when he operated on my right knee. I now am able to walk and stand on my leg without pain like before. I will always be indebted to him and have him in my prayers. He fixed something that three other surgeons from various hospitals couldn't. He is truly a miraculous surgeon working in a miraculous hospital. Thank you, Dr. Bostrom, for giving me my life back and letting me enjoy my granddaughters. more

Beverly Kelly, Manasquan, NJ — bilateral total hip replacement
For many years, I suffered with pain and stiffness in both of my hips. I got several opinions and they all suggested total hip replacement. At HSS, Dr. Bryan Nestor suggested bilateral total hip replacement. It was the best thing I ever did. I got it over with in one surgery. Recovery wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Five weeks after surgery I was walking the beach in Cancun!

Janis Hrobuchak, Dalton, PA — hip injections
I happened to see The View last year when Dr. Vad was appearing. At that time I wrote down his name and new book, since my 25-year-old daughter has scoliois as well as a ruptured disc. His advice about the cutting edge alternatives to surgery made so much sense. I bought the book for her and sent it to her FL address. Then, since I was 60 and had been doing reflexology, chiropractic visits for my ailing back and hip, I ordered all of his books too. At that time, my left hip started to really hurt. After having an MRI in Scranton, PA for my lumbar, I was diagnosed by a sports medical doctor in Scranton with 4 to 5 degree spinal stenosis! However, my reflexologist kept picking up my hip not back.

So I decided at that point in December 2010, to see Dr. Vijay Vad for a 2nd opinion. He nailed it! The 3D MRI also concurred that it was a torn labrum cartilage. After two visits to him and two cortisone injections, I still was not able to walk more than 1/4 of a block. For me, being active, a former New York Marathon runner, hiking in the Swiss Alps, as well as weight training, I became really depressed. I also took all the right supplements to no avail. I even changed my residency to West Palm Beach, Florida, thinking that the weather and healing water would help. It didn't. more

Homero Villarreal, New Canaan, CT — total knee replacement
On April 6th, 2011, I had total knee replacement with Dr. Steven Haas. I had been battling with this for over 60 years due to a misalignment of the knee at birth, so this seemed to be the only option. Dr. Haas operated on me in 1996 when he was still relatively young and when it came time for total knee replacement, I thought of no one else. Before surgery I watched Dr. Haas’ webcast of total knee replacement from 2009 and was very impressed. What I learned is that he is not only an excellent surgeon, he is an artist in the operating room, molding and finding the best parts for the patient. His flexibility to make decisions and quickly adapt as he moves along with the process really impressed me. I was sold because this surgery should not be “cookie cutter” so speak, but tailor made to suit the individual. What I loved about the experience was the music in the operating room as you are rolled in and the humor. In 1996 it was rock and in 2011 it’s county and western. I smiled as I went into surgery thinking how time had changed Dr. Haas’ taste in music. So far I have been very happy with the results and hope he has given me parts that will last my lifetime.

Jean Stellato, New Windsor, NY — total knee replacement
From entering HSS on January 31, 2011 for total knee replacement surgery, I felt I was in very good hands. Every single hospital person I came in contact with was pleasant and helpful. The admitting personnel were very efficient and answered every question I had. I did not wait very long before I was whisked away to my little cubicle where I was to be prepared for surgery. And once again, the nurses and other personnel were so calming, efficient, and happy that they eased any fears I may have had. Every question I had was answered with honesty and everyone I came in contact with was very knowledgeable and ready to assist me (and my family) in any way they could.

Thanks to Dr. Mark Figgie and staff, my surgery was successful. When I awoke in my room, the perfect working staff of HSS was at its best. I was cared for with kindness, compassion, and humor. The nurses were always available, explaining everything they were doing and again answering all my questions and giving me encouragement. I felt so well cared for. I am sure I am not the only one who felt this way. Everyone one did their job - the people who cleaned my room, the people who brought the food, the nurses, physical therapy people, and MD's. Everyone had a smile on their faces and wished me well. HSS runs like a well oiled machine - with heart!

Deborah Camiscoli-Spedick, Toms River, NJ — hip arthroscopy
I had a hip arthroscopy with Dr. Struan Coleman for torn labrum. I had the surgery on a Tuesday evening and I was home in New Jersey by 1 AM. I was back to working as a physician on crutches on Monday.

Bob Rosenberg, Lawrence, NY — shoulder repair
I was scheduled for a shoulder repair. From my initial visit with my orthopedist to my being released from the recovery room, the experience was excellent. The result was regaining complete range of motion. The hospital experience could not have been better. I was treated professionally, and with respect, as was my wife who accompanied me. Surgery is never a pleasurable experience, but HSS made it as positive as possible. The staff was exceptional as was the facility. I chose an HSS physician because he is known to be the best. And after my recent shoulder repair, HSS is the only hospital I would consider for an orthopedic procedure.

Theresa LaRocca-Napolitano, New York, NY — shoulder rotator cuff repair, foot surgery
During the past six months, I have had two operative procedures at HSS. As a retired perioperative nurse, I do admit to being somewhat critical at times. However, my experiences at HSS were flawless. This includes not only my experiences on the days of surgery but also my pre and post operative visits to Dr. Scott Rodeo and Dr. Matthew Roberts. The offices are run like well oiled machines, yet the staff is warm, friendly and very professional. In my opinion HSS certainly lives up to and deserves its sterling reputation.

Lynn Romano, Red Hook, NY — bilateral knee replacements
I could not have been in a better facility. From start to finish, Dr. Friedrich Boettner and his staff could not have been more compassionate, professional and caring. As a registered nurse, I knew where I wanted to be treated for my bilateral knee replacements and traveling 100 miles from my home in Red Hook was worth it. I recommend HSS to my colleagues and as a case manager for a large insurance company, I do it with my patients. It is now 4 months since my surgery and I feel like I'm 41 years old - not 61! Thank you! Your staff, from housekeeping to the top, were wonderful!

Georgia Philios, Teaneck, NJ — total hip replacement
I had a total hip replacement on Dec 8, 2010 by Dr. Michael Alexiades. Dr. McKinsey was my internist at HSS. My experience was wonderful, absolutely the best care from the doctors, nurses and the entire staff. I am familiar with the range of medical care for I have been a registered nurse in New Jersey for 30 years. I wouldn't have gone to any other hospital nor had any other doctors. HSS is the absolute best.

Michelle Paone, Fair Haven, NJ — bilateral carpel tunnel surgery
I had bilateral carpel tunnel surgery Feb 15, 2011 with Dr. Aaron Daluiski. Two weeks later, I was back to work, using my newly pain free hands! My family, friends and clients could not believe it and were impressed with my recovery time. His highly skilled hands changed my life! Everyone at HSS was kind, caring, and efficient. I have recommended HSS to others and will continue to do so. Thank you!

Paul Deres, Canaan, NY — bilateral hip replacement
I needed both of my hips replaced. The doctors I saw locally would not do both at the same time, but Dr. Robert Buly at HSS said that he does this all the time. I had both of them done on February 1st. By the end of the first week, I was walking up and down stairs and by the end of February, I was driving my car. I started to play golf again on May 1st. I can't thank Dr. Buly and his entire staff enough plus the nurses at HSS for there great care and professionalism. I would still be doing rehab now versus enjoying my summer if I did not have Dr. Buly as my surgeon.

John J. Sudia (Jack), Toms River, NJ — hip resurfacing
My story is quite simple. At the age of 66 I found myself experiencing pain in the groin area which would not go away. My local doctor referred me to a local orthopedic group. An x-ray was taken that revealed osteoarthritis of the hip. I was a candidate for hip replacement. A friend informed me of his experience at HSS for hip resurfacing with the BHR device. This started my information gathering on this relatively new procedure in place of total hip replacement. I spent time reading everything I could find on the internet that included internet sites, discussion groups, interviews with surgeons, and videos of the hip resurfacing procedure.

Since I am a senior with an active outdoor life that includes construction projects, gardening, and big game hunting in mountainous country, it became clear to me that if I could qualify, I wanted the benefits of hip resurfacing. I also became aware that not many local surgeons were experienced in hip resurfacing. I looked for the most experienced hospital and surgeon to do hip resurfacing. HSS and Dr. Edwin Su was my choice, without a doubt. I contacted Dr. Su who responded to my e-mail within one day. more

Sherry Nehmer, New York, NY — spine procedures and physical therapy
I brought my aging, painful back to HSS and placed it in the hands of physiatrist Dr. Jennifer Solomon, of the Women's Sports Medicine Department. She and her staff were relentless in searching for a means of relief for me, through various up-to-date medical procedures and physical therapy. But that's just the start of the story. One of the most important parts of HSS is the nursing staff. Never in my life have I encountered such depth of skill, intelligence and sincere caring as I have with each and every one of the nurses. I'm not exaggerating; from pre-procedure check-ins to recovery room, every nurse I encountered was at the top of her or his game. I knew I was in good hands. The combination of skillful direction from Dr. Solomon and her associates, the hands-on talents of Betty Chow at the Integrative Care Center where I received physical therapy, and especially the care given by terrific nurses have not only improved my physical condition, but have made me an advocate for HSS. Great work, everyone.

Sylvia L. Sherman, Briarwood, NY — total knee replacement
On January 17, 2011, I had a total knee replacement. This was after suffering with painful arthritis for years and being bow legged on one side for two years. I had a great surgeon, Dr. Russell E. Windsor and terrific nursing care as well as good pain relief and lots of tender loving care. After a week, I went to the Hospital for Joint Disease on 17th street for inpatient rehab. It was tough, but worked wonderfully. When I left after another week, I could walk without even a cane. I continued therapy first at home and then in the rehab center for two months and have had such great results, freedom to walk where I wish, and freedom from pain. This procedure was a blessing and I thank everyone involved especially my doctor and the staff at HSS.

Melinda Moscow, New York, NY — foot surgery
Thirty years ago, in the course of my work, I saw a video prepared by patients of a bankrupt podiatry clinic graphically detailing the results of failed foot surgeries performed at that clinic. I was horrified and I vowed that no one would ever bring a scalpel anywhere near my feet. Fifteen years later, a colleague mentioned during lunch that if anyone ever needed a foot surgeon, she knew a miracle-worker: Dr. Martin O’Malley. It seemed that her father had been crippled by an earlier surgery, but someone had convinced him to consult with Dr. O’Malley, and the result was that he was now walking painlessly and wanted the world to know about Dr. O’Malley’s magic. My feet were fine, but I guess it was because of that terrible video that Dr. O’Malley’s name was emblazoned in my memory. more

Lynn Stephens, Ridgefield Park, NJ — spine surgery
December 7, 2010 was the beginning of a new life, thanks to Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei. I have been in his care since 2002, being seen every few years for chronic low back pain due to scoliosis. My original surgery was in 1981 and I did very well until 2000. He suggested revision surgery a few years ago, but I wasn’t ready to commit so I tried conservative procedures, which helped temporarily. At my appointment last year, I scheduled surgery and never looked back. The pain was getting worse. I couldn’t sleep or sit and nothing was controlling it. That was no way to live. I had degenerative disease, facet arthrosis, and spondylolistheses.

Dr. Boachie removed part of the Harrington rod, replaced it with two rods, cages, and screws to stabilize my spine with interbody fusion and pre-sacral fusion L5-S1. The recovery was challenging, but I did my homework, knew what I was up against, and I was ready. I had an uneventful recovery, and exactly three months later, I returned to work commuting to New York City. Lindy Maier, the nurse in the office, was so helpful pre and post-op. She would answer my emails whenever I had a question and reassured me that what I was experiencing was the normal course of recovery. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Boachie and everyone at HSS. Prior to my surgery, I would say to my family "what am I going to be like next year or in five years" since the pain was so debilitating. Now I answer my own question… I’m going to be just fine!

Edie Leff, Buffalo, NY — osteotomy
I had polio as a child. After many surgeries over a thirty year period, my walking was getting increasingly more difficult. I was walking hunched over and holding on to my right leg not to have it collapse underneath me. I started visiting doctors in western New York and Canada only to be told that either nothing could be done or something might be possible but they could not help me. Finally, a doctor suggested HSS. Calling the hospital, I was directed to Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch. We met and he told me that he could help by performing an open wedge osteotomy with a correction of the varus. Surgery was a life changing experience. Instead of being relegated to a life of walking with assistance or worse, I now walk with ease completing tasks which once seemed daunting. I never gave up looking for help and I never thought I would have found someone as amazing as Dr. Rozbruch.

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