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Why choose Hospital for Special Surgery for care?
Read what patients are saying about us.

Jane Pressman, Boynton Beach, FL — spine surgery
I am sending this picture with a great big thank you to Dr. Cammisa. 14 months ago I had surgery, and now I climbed Machu Picchu. We took a whirlwind 3 week trip, and my back never held me back from any activities. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Rose Barry, Naples, FL — hip replacement surgery
In 1985, I was 51 yrs. old and had 2 bad hips. I was a tennis player, very active in most sports. I had worn out the cartilage in both hip sockets. Dr. Wilson advised me at the time, that replacing my hips at this young age was not a good idea. My quality of life was terrible, I decided to have them replaced . One in 1985 and the other 2 years later. It has been 27 yrs since my first replacement and still contunue to be ok. Doing swim aerobics 3 times a week has helped keep them in good shape. Dr. Wilson has done a remarkable job and I am forever in his debt.

Joseph Tasman, Setauket, NY — hip resurfacing surgery
I had hip resurfacing performed by Dr. Su in November of 2010. I am able to play singles tennis, hike, cycle and have a range of motion that is incredible. Dr. Su and HSS were amazing in every aspect of my recovery. Thank you!

Nancy A. Brown, New Canaan, CT — spine surgery
I have lived with back problems since I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 18. Having had six back operations prior to coming to HSS, I was desperate to find someone to relieve the horrific pain that I have lived with for over twenty years. Into my life comes Dr. Matthew Cunningham, a brilliant doctor, who has not only relieved me of my debilitating pain but treated me with the most amazing care. Dr. Cunningham made me feel like I was his only patient, listening to me, helping me understand my body and what would relieve my pain. His kindness, empathy and fabulous sense of humor are amazing, especially so in this day and age. I have been to many “world-renowned" specialists and have never experienced the type of excellent care that I received from Dr. Cunningham. HSS should be commended for having Dr. Cunningham on their staff. And not surprisingly, Dr. Cunningham’s administrative assistant, Tina Miller, is one of the kindest, compassionate and highly efficient assistants I have ever met as is Dr. Cunningham’s nurse, Cynthia. If you have back pain, you owe it to yourself to have the privilege of being treated by Dr. Cunningham and his team at a fabulous hospital, HSS. I should know since I have had five operations at HSS. Dr. Cunningham has given me a new lease on life. I will always be so grateful for the amazing care, professionalism and unheard of empathy that Dr. Cunningham has given to me. A gift I will never forget.

Bryan Stromer, New York, NY — tendon release surgery
My name is Bryan Stromer, I am 16 years old and I have cerebral palsy. I have had the privilege of receiving treatment at Hospital for Special Surgery since 2001. Every time I walk through the doors of 535 East 70th Street, I feel a strong sense of community because everyone who I meet at HSS is kind and welcoming. I first came to HSS to receive botox injections into my legs to loosen the muscles. Since it was a painful procedure, Dr. Root took the time to make sure that I was comfortable. My parents were so impressed by the level of care that they decided to also have me receive occupational and physical therapy at HSS. In 2004, I had a tendon release surgery done at HSS by Dr. Scher and during my time at HSS as an inpatient had a fantastic experience. I later went to a rehabilitation center in another hospital which paled in comparison. When I arrived at the other hospital, I took it upon myself to tape an HSS Magazine ad to the side of my wheelchair. Being able to experience HSS as both an inpatient and outpatient has allowed me to see that HSS is truly a great hospital across the board. Growing up with a disability often prevents you from doing things, but I am so grateful that it has allowed me the opportunity to meet the wonderful staff at HSS. 

Kanta Dhaliwal, Haughton, Louisiana — spine surgery
Dear Dr. Cammisa, about 2 years ago, you operated on my mother (Kanta Dhaliwal). You gave new life to my ailing mom. Before you operated on her, she was a slave to her pain and she missed many events in her kids' lives because of how badly she felt. Since her operations, she has been transformed into a new person. She is no longer confined to a body that constantly aches. She can go on vacations and enjoy herself. She can smile and laugh. You have no idea how grateful I am that you were her surgeon. Thank you for giving me my mom back. Sincerely, Jess Prishmann, MD, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Teresa Paonessa, Annapolis, MD — hip replacement
My mother, Teresa Paonessa, had her hips replaced at HSS by Dr. Alan Inglis in 1970. It was a miracle. After healing, she was able to go back to her love of dancing and enjoyed living again. She died December 28, 2010 at 105 years old with the same hips Dr. Inglis gave her in 1970. I remember one time when she was having some discomfort in her left hip about 20 years after the sugery, we went to a doctor in Florida. He was absolutely amazed at the excellent condition both hips were in - practically no wear. She never forgot Dr. Inglis and the wonderful care she received at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Lewis Feldman, Guttenberg, NJ — hip surgery
I suffered from extreme hip and leg pain, and discomfort for almost a year before finally making the decision to have hip surgery. I was referred to Dr. Maynard by another doctor at HSS who said, "If you need hip surgery, then Dr. Maynard is your man."

I already knew that HSS was the best orthopedic hospital in the country, and after my initial exam with Dr. Maynard, I felt so confident with him as my surgeon. His office staff was also exemplary in every way and always made me feel at ease and comfortable. They even took care of my post-op care and needs and I received many follow-up phone calls. I will always be grateful to them for their personal care. By the way, my hip is 100% pain free and I feel like a new man.

Bob Rosenberg, Lawrence, NY — hip replacement
A year and a half ago, I had an accident. I broke my hip and my pubic bone. Due to the emergency, I was taken by ambulance to a leading hospital on Long Island. I was given a hemi hip replacement and spent one week in the hospital sedated for pain, and two weeks in their rehab center. The pain continued even after months of PT.

Based on the reputation of HSS and Dr. Amar Ranawat, I decided to seek help regarding my pain and difficulty walking. It was evident from the very beginning that things were done differently at HSS. Even the questions asked on the questionnaire I filled out showed special thought and understanding of what I was going through. more

Robert Mlaka, Lynchburgh, VA — knee surgery
I have had 12 surgeries on my right leg since 2007. Between infections, complications and the surgeries not being done correctly, I suffered for 5 years and lost my job and my home.

In March of 2011, I went to HSS and met Dr. Mathias Bostrom who, in my opinion, created a miracle when he operated on my right knee. I now am able to walk and stand on my leg without pain like before. I will always be indebted to him and have him in my prayers. He fixed something that three other surgeons from various hospitals couldn't. He is truly a miraculous surgeon working in a miraculous hospital. Thank you, Dr. Bostrom, for giving me my life back and letting me enjoy my granddaughters.

Michael Corr, Northport, NY — hip replacement
I am a 50 year old former rugby player, who had a hip replacement 6 years ago - performed by Dr Pellicci (who told me my lifestyle would not change). He was right. I am entered in the September, 2012 Iron Man Wales (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run). The whole process at HSS was fantastic. If you lie in pain each night because of your hips, just get them replaced.

Janet Schneider, Monroe Township, NJ — spinal surgery
In December of 2010, Dr. James Farmer performed spinal fusion surgery on L4/L5 of my lower spine. He was able to use my own bone that he had removed as the extra bone for the fusion. My surgery was successful and I am totally healed. I can never thank Dr. Farmer and the fine staff at HSS enough for giving me back my life! I couldn't have found a more compassionate, caring and excellent surgeon anywhere. I had received such raving reviews from two of my own doctors (endocrinologist & optician) which left me no doubt that I would be going to a #1 top-notch surgeon and hospital. From the moment I met Dr. Farmer, I was put at ease and just knew he'd do a great job. I had 100% confidence in him from the start.

Debby Goldman,New York, NY — hip surgery
Dr. Vad has treated a number of my painful joints very successfully. First, he was the only doctor to find the torn labrum in my hip, after months of misdiagnosis and physical therapy. Dr. S. Coleman successfuly "scoped" my hip and I was pain free again.

On my 50th birthday, I went horseback riding and herniated 2 discs. I was in unbelievable pain. One epidural followed by walking (only) as excercise and I am cured. I cannot say enough about Dr. Vad, Dr. Coleman and their staff!

Michael Villane, Rumson, NJ — leg surgery
I came to Dr. Rozbruch's office pretty banged up with bowed legs and cartilage worn to the bone after three medial meniscus surgeries. I was in constant pain in both knees. After one look, many doctors said I needed double knee replacements at age 46, and that I would never run again. Dr. Rozbruch gave me the option of undergoing a high tibia osteotomy of both legs to correct my bowed legs. Both surgeries were a complete success and I not only have been able to live pain free but I can run again. Just 5 months after my last external fixator was removed, I competed in several races including a Half Ironman Triathlon, which consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. I had a great race, placing 5th in my age group and 50th overall out of 1000 competitors. Thanks to Dr. Rozbruch and his staff, my future in racing is bright and I am now training for my eleventh full Ironman in 2012.

Edythe (Edie) S. Verbesky, Mt. Arlington, NJ — spinal surgery
Dr. Cammisa, thanks for giving me back the life of activity that I always knew and loved. After 20+ years or more of living with what I thought was everyday 'stuff', the pain from my back was actually fixable! I was on target for a wheel chair. My right leg was numb most of the time, I could not sit in a comfortable position for any length of time, much less sleep, and I could only walk short distances with a cane. This was not me nor what I signed up for in this life. Now, thanks to a correct diagnosis and surgery, I am happily pain free. I realized that almost immediately after surgery. Especially the next day, when the physical therapist asked me if I was ready for a walk and a short climb up some stairs. I said REALLY? Let’s go! And I was ready - I walked across the hall and up this short flight of stairs, without a cane! (But HSS makes you hold on, so I took the PT's hand...NO CANE...wow). I now look forward to my morning walks around the lake where I live,and most of all, to quality time with my nine-year-old granddaughter and to go wherever she wants to go. more

Kenneth Domney, Wanaque, NJ — hip replacement and ACL surgery
I have a family history of arthritis, my mother particularly. So when it became obvious that I needed surgery, I got it set up right away for July, 2004. However, once I had set it up, it seemed like every time I mentioned it to someone, they immediately told me about someone they knew who had been to HSS and that it was the only place to go. After 5 or 6 of these instances, I figured I was being directed for a reason. I cancelled my appointment and chose Dr. Pellicci at HSS for my hip replacement. The result was just about perfect! I am a professional Martial Arts instructor and after completing rehab, I was able to demonstrate moves I had not been able to show for years. Since then, I have been back to HSS for my right ACL with Dr. Coleman. And now I am writing this from my bed on the 7th floor 2 days after getting my other hip replaced, again by Dr Pellicci. Judging by my therapy so far, my recovery will be equal to last time. I cannot thank all who work at this Hospital enough for their pleasant professionalism and skill. I recommend HSS to everyone I meet who needs any kind of orthopedic help.

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