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Why choose Hospital for Special Surgery for care?
Read what patients are saying about us.

Kimberly Bennett, Nutley, NJ – finger tendon reconstruction surgery
Following an injury to the knuckle on my finger, I was treated by several local specialists. After months of no improvement, I decided to go to HSS and consult with Dr. Edward Athanasian. He advised that I have surgery to repair the tendon.

Dr. Athanasian was caring, compassionate and always patient, answering all my questions (and boy did I have a lot). Both Dr. Athanasian and my HSS hand therapist, Emily A., who was also wonderful, helped me to achieve better-than-expected results. Everyone in Dr A.'s office and at HSS are awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Athanasian to anyone who needs a hand specialist.

Christine Henderson Rose, Martinsville, NJ – spinal fusion surgery
I came to know Dr. James Farmer and Dr. Christopher Lutz some five or six years ago when another staff member in my office had complicated spinal surgery done by Dr. Farmer and recommended him highly. Our initial contact with HSS was related to a failed spinal surgery that my daughter had at a local hospital. Little did I know that our focus would turn to me in these past two years. I developed significant pain in my right leg and my first stop was Dr. Lutz as we exhausted any and all non-invasive procedures. more

Alice Rosen,
Centerport, New York – ankle surgery
Although my surgery may be considered minor by some, neither did Dr. Elliott or the HSS staff treat me with any less care or attention. The pride which everyone takes is palpable. Dr. Elliott came to see me prior to surgery and after. He wanted to make sure that I was ok and well enough to return home. The nurses were attentive to my needs and cared about me unconditionally. The security guard who welcomed us into the hospital at 6am wished me luck and smiled as I left in the afternoon. Surgery is an event to be avoided at all costs, but when it's necessary, it's comforting to know that the hospital and doctor one chooses unconditionally cares about its patients.

Sue Goldberg,
Cresskill, New Jersey – hip replacement surgery
Before my hip replacement surgery with Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle, I was walking around tilted, with a pronounced limp - not something one should do when teaching nursery school! I got many concerned comments and was in deep pain. I knew it was time to correct the situation and live "normally" again. I had my surgery done right after my retirement and, I have to say, I am so happy with both! I now have pain-free flexibility and movement getting in and out of the car, playing with my granddaughter, sitting in a movie theater, and so on.

Post-surgery was not exactly a "breeze," but it was worth the work and effort to get back to walking upright and not having to sit down every few steps. I thank all involved at HSS for my new life!

Christopher Whippen, Vernon, CT – arthroscopy surgery
Always an on and off runner, in November 2009 I ran my first half marathon, and my running career took off. I was doing races and logging miles month after month, all over the northeast; running had become something very special to me - and something that I was getting good at. But over time, I noticed a gradually increasing pain in the front of my hip.

For almost 2 years I sought various physical therapists, orthopedic specialists, cortisone shots, sports consultants, etc. I tried everything possible to figure it out. I was even told that I was just "getting old" by one doctor, which almost brought me to tears (I was only 28).

Christopher after running 5k

Christopher with daughter, Avery

Christopher with daughter, Avery


Mary Anne and Matthew Benedetto, Croton on Hudson, NY - leg surgery

From a very early age, with an impish grin and a twinkle in his eyes, my son, Matthew, would entertain all with his antics and ability to flip and fly through the air. As time went on, he used these skills in freestyle skiing with grace, determination, and quite a few spills. Never deterred, he picked himself up, carried on, and refined his skills. As an accomplished aerialist, he soared high combining many flips and twists. As his mother, I looked on with both pride and fear. I watched, guided, and chastised him when he went to far.

On a snowy day in March 2010 Matthew fell to earth. more

Leona Morton,
Brooklyn, NY – knee replacement surgery
My experience at the HSS was outstanding. I had a knee replacement 3 months ago. I am now walking with no assistance and am back to work. My message to those who are in need of surgery: Why settle for less when you can get the very, very best?

William Tucker,
Alexandria, VA – hip replacement surgery
Of all hospitals I have been treated in over the past 80 years, Hospital for Special Surgery was the very "best." The orientation for my hip replacement for all levels of the process removed all concerns and resulted in my positive attitude going into the operation. Knowing I was in the best hands with Dr. Chitanjan Ranawat, it could not have been more of a success. My doctor and his staff, as well as those that supported him during my operation and recovery, should be very proud of their success in hip replacements relieving the pain and restoring my quality of life. I have and will continue to recommend HSS to my friends that need special surgery. I could not have been in better hands.

Laura and Michael Scanlon, Long Valley, NJ – hip surgery
My then 8-year-old son Michael suffered a dislocation of his left hip during a football scrimmage on August 17, 2011. He was admitted to a local hospital where his hip was reduced. He underwent surgery on August 18 to remove bone fragments and labrum lodged between the hip bone and socket. On August 30, he had a follow-up xray and the doctor told us that he wanted to send Michael back to the hospital to have dye injected into his hip as there was some concerning distancing in the hip joint. Our pediatrician recommended that we call Dr. Roger Widmann at HSS to get a second opinion. more

Joanne Donoghue, Northport, NY – knee surgery, hip surgery
I was 19 years old when I tore my right ACL as a college soccer player. It wasn't a very common injury at the time for female athletes, and I had one surgeon already mess up my first surgery. I was referred to Dr. David Altchek by a fellow player. He was doing an ACL repair arthroscopically, which was a very new surgery at the time. For 20 years I was able to play soccer, snowboard, bike, complete 4 marathons and become a competitive triathalete. I was born with hip dysplasia, and unfortunately after 20 years of wear and tear, I had major hip pain. Again I was referred to HSS for my hip. Who, at 36 years old, goes for a hip consult? Dr. Coleman knew my athletic history and did my arthroscopic hip surgery. We hoped it would allow me to avoid a hip replacement in my later years. I finished the Miami Marathon 8 months after that surgery. more

Rachel Becka, Virginia Beach, VA – hip surgery
Thanks to Dr. Robert Buly, my theme this year is "I will because I can". I had my original hip replacement for my 40th birthday. I have RA which was activated when I gave a very difficult birth to my son. Because I was trying to get pregnant again, I was on prednizone for 3 years which caused damage to my hip. I had my first revision surgery in 2001 because of a defect in the plastic cup. I had another revision in September, 2008 which left me with nerve damage in my leg. It took 6 months of intensive physical therapy to get side-laying leg extension. more

Martin Solomon,
Hicksville, NY – knee replacement revision
After having one of the best rated surgeons on Long Island perform my knee surgery, I went two years with further pain, especially while walking up and down stairs. After complaining to my surgeon for two years and him telling me that there was nothing more that he could do. He suggested I see another doctor for consult. I visited Dr. King who ordered special MRI exams and, in turn, referred me to Dr. Geoffrey Westrich who immediately diagnosed my problem. He set me up for revison surgery of my knee, due to the fact that the original surgery omitted the resurfacing of the patella. Today, I can walk up and down stairs, I have less pain each day, I can stand for several hours at a time and even do a light jog for exercise.

Maureen and Michael Benton, Southport, CT — thoracic spinal fusion surgery
Our 12 year-old son, Michael, had a thoracic spinal fusion in August 2011 performed by Dr. Green. I am pleased to tell you that it was the best experience it could have been. HSS made this a positive experience for us. Dr. Green is a skilled surgeon and a kind person, the nursing staff was kind and attentive, and the ancillary staff was wonderful as well. Our room had a view of the East River which may sound silly but the water was such a healing entity for us. Staring out at the water while recovering was very helpful, and the kindness expressed to me as Mikey's parent-in-residence, well, I can't say enough. The kindness shown to us brings tears to my eyes. I especially liked the personal visits to Mikey from the nursing staff of the PACU when he was recovering in the regular surgical wing. I am recommending HSS to everyone with orthopedic needs. And FYI, Mikey was at the ballfield today swinging a bat with full rotation! We hope he will be back to being Jr. Babe Ruth soon!

Robert N. Angie, Manhasset, NY — elbow surgery, thumb surgery, wrist surgery, shoulder surgery, knee surgery
I have been a patient at HSS since 1977 when I first saw Dr. Bernard Jacobs for my knee. He didn't want to operate at that time because he, along with other doctors, were working on a new procedure called, "arthroscopic surgery." He said my recovery would be much quicker once it was perfected. My first sugery was actually my right elbow in 1984 performed by Dr. Jacobs. Dr. Richard McCormick, Dr. Scott Wolfe, and Dr. Answorth Allen performed my other sugeries. For 35 years I have trusted HSS not only with my care, but for numerous people I have referred over the years. HSS is the only hospital I would ever consider for orthopedic care for surgery for myself, my family and those I do refer. I have always been extremely satisfied with every doctor I have visited, and in my case they have been numerous over the years. more

Brian Cantin, Rego Park, NY — ankle surgery
The original problem I had with my ankle happened about four years ago when I injured it. I was told that I have tendonitis in the ankle and required physical therapy. After success, I was back on my way until one night while I was sleeping, my ankle woke me up with unbelievable pain. Having no idea why the pain started, I went back to my original foot doctor and he had no answer after a new MRI was done. Frustrated with this roadblock, I went to three other specialists in the foot and ankle field. None had a clear-cut answer, even after looking at my MRI and knowing my history. All that they could do was suggest aspirin, heat or ice, and that was it. One doctor even suggested I see a pain specialist. Finally, my regular doctor suggested I see Dr. Mark Drakos. I had nothing to lose so I made the appointment. more

Nancy Mahoney, Fishkill, NY — knee replacement
I had fallen four years ago and complained of shooting pains down the calf of my leg. I went to four different ortho specialists over the next three years with all different outcomes. Finally, I could not stand the pain and low quality of life anymore (I teach Kindergarten), so I researched HSS and found Dr. Mayman. I had my right knee replaced in June of 2011, and my left knee replaced in January of 2012. I am now on my way to a full recovery and look forward to running around after my kids. I was treated as a queen for each surgery, with care and compassion from everyone on the staff. I am a very nervous person generally and almost backed out the day of my second surgery. But with care and kindness, I was able to complete the procedure. I tell all I meet about HSS, the doctors, the staff, and the care. It is the best hospital I have ever been in for surgery. Thank You!

Sherwin Slater, Monroe Township, NJ — shoulder replacement
I had fallen in my bedroom causing a massive tear in my left rotator cuff. It was so severe that it couldn't be repaired, necessitating a complete shoulder replacement masterfully done by Dr. Warren. Initally, I had little pain, but that changed after the anesthetic wore off, and I had some pain medication at home. Dr. Warren had me begin a six week course of outside physical therapy. On the days I did not have PT, I did similar exercises at home and gradually, the pain wore off. I now have about 80 percent function of my right shoulder.

Robert S. Kramer, Staten Island, NY — rotator cuff surgery
I was exercising in accordance to my department's policy and while preforming a bench press I heard a popping noise in my left shoulder followed by immense pain and swelling. I knew that something wasn't right. I went to see Dr. Answorth Allen, a specialist in shoulder repair who diagnosed my shoulder with a torn rotator cuff that required surgery.

I want to express how professional, courteous, and helpful his office staff was. Never in my past have I ever had the pleasure of feeling so comfortable with a staff like this. When I arrived for surgery, I was greeted by the administrative staff who checked me in. This was a flawless and smooth process. From the desk reception to the assisting nurse, I felt so welcome that my surgery almost slipped my mind. I was a little apprehensive and the staff recognized this. Needless to say, I am not one that likes to get an IV. But the staff had gathered around and put my mind at ease while doing so. more

Nancy Deutsch, Massapequa Park, NY — hip revision surgery
After having had a right hip replacement go awry from a Long Island Hospital, and after having been on Oxycodin for 14 months with no help from my surgeon, I finally went to see Dr. Della Valle at HSS. He diagnosed my condition in about 2 minutes and I had the surgery August 31, 2011. He changed my life, and when I do the left hip, which will be this year, I will go directly to him and to HSS, which is clearly the greatest hospital I was ever in. Please note that I've had at least 15 major surgeries during my life so far! I'm hoping the left hip will be my last and I wouldn't go anywhere but HSS.

Charles Kaplanek, 
Huntington, NY — total hip replacement
I suffer from osteoarthritis which ran deeply in my family. I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis of my left hip over two years ago. I wanted to delay my surgery as long as possible, but it came to a point that I could not walk to the car. So I decided it was time for surgery. My wife, a pilates instructor and author, publishing and specializing in Hip and Knee rehabilitation, helped me begin a 6-week "pre-habilitation" program in preparation for my surgery. I chose HSS and Dr. Paul Pellicci because it just does not come any better. So, with HSS, Paul Pellicci, and my "preop, prehabilitation," I walked the day of my surgery. I got my staples removed and was discharged in less than 48 hours! I continued with the specified "pilates" rehab from my wife's book for the next 12 weeks and I sailed through the healing time period with great speed and ease. I recommend this type of program for everyone.

Bernard Leventhal, Wappingers Falls, NY — left and right hip replacement
The information and classes before the surgery, the care, and the help you receive after surgery, are what make HSS so special. I know that it sped up my recovery. It enabled me to return to playing tennis and hiking - the two things I like best. If you want to maintain your quality of life, there is only one choice for hip replacement - HSS. I truly believe this.

Michael Nixon, Greenwich, CT — hip replacement
I admire all of HSS. I could say many things others already have said, but I want to talk about me. I could say those at HSS are "professional, sanitary, careful, responsive, graceful, esprit de corp, smiling," but here is the important thing - my thirteen-minute mile. I will be back at HSS. We are partners in my happy next twenty years. I can still climb three stories, two stairs at a time. Thank you, Dr. Cornell!

Davis Roya, Neponsit, NY — hip resurfacing
I am a 69 year-old fitness and health food fanatic, as well as an instructor of Taekwondo and yoga. I am also nature hiker and cross-country skier. Although remaining at peak fitness, my right hip was so bad, I couldn't make it around the block. I have always been against all medication and doctors in general, but I was not ready to be put out to pasture. I searched for the best hospital and the best surgeon, and I got both in Dr. Su and HSS. Five weeks ago I got a right hip resurfacing procedure done and I now feel blessed. I have my life back. I have zero pain, my strength and flexibility are back, and every day I feel better. I feel fantastic. I had no problems from the operation at all. The incision was painful and the medication made me sick, but I was off the pain medication in 2 days. However, even the aspirin made me sick (it never had before). My advice to anyone getting hip surgery is to get in peak condition before the operation and start rehab immediately after surgery. Choose HSS to get the best. Thank you, Dr. Su, for giving me my life back. I feel no different than I did in my 30's.

Allison Cooper, Shelton, CT — open knee surgery, posterior capsular release, taylor spatial frame
At the age of 29, I had a simple arthroscopic knee surgery in 2007, for a running injury, that left me with a left knee contracture. After multiple surgeries, open knee and additional arthroscopy, my knee was left severely damaged, with massive scar and a 25 degree contracture. I was walking on the ball of my foot as that was all that could reach the ground. After 2 years and over a dozen surgeries, I came to HSS. It was recommended I see Dr. Rozbruch. After looking at my X-rays and my knee, he said "I can help you." After so many doctors, he was the only one who was confident he could restore my knee.

In March, 2010, I underwent an open knee and posterior capsular release with application of a Taylor Spatial Frame. I had the frame for 6 months. After which, I had a straight leg! I now had to work on movement and flexion, the next hurdle. Because my body produces such severe scars, I had additional surgeries to help regain movement. Dr. Rozbruch has been so supportive, trusting, and patient. He has always spent time encouraging and working with me so that I can gain the greatest outcome possible. With his support and dedication, I know he will get me to walk again.

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