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Why choose Hospital for Special Surgery for care?
Read what patients are saying about us.

Sally Anderson, Jacksonville, FL – tibial revision of total knee replacement
When I was 34, I had my first total knee replacement due to traumatic arthritis from a sports injury. As the saying goes, “once an athlete, always an athlete.” Six months following this replacement, I was back on the sand playing the best volleyball of my life. You can imagine my distress and confusion when, a year later, I was nearly crippled with pain and disability worse than pre-op.

Sally Anderson (left) and volleyball friends

Holly Decaro, Weston, CT – spine surgery
It is rare to find a specialist that is not only knowledgeable and professional, but compassionate as well. I had scoliosis surgery in April and Dr. Cunningham and his assistant, Tina, were the best I have ever met. They turned a traumatic experience into something positive.

I have worked with doctors for 8 years and Dr. Cunningham was so patient and kind. My choice of physicians to do this surgery was well researched, but you can't do a search on bedside manner. He was fantastic and I just can't say enough about how pleased I am with the surgery. It has been 6 months and I am still healing, but I am confident that I will fully recover.

I would recommend that anyone considering spinal surgery turn to the expert staff at HSS.

Richard Reichle, Marlton, NJ – spinal fusion surgery
After my first back surgery in Sept 2011, which was done elsewhere, I didn't improve and it was a bad experience overall. So with my wife's help, we started looking for a second opinion. After hearing what Dr. Cunningham and his team did for a co-worker of mine, I called for a consult and was able to get in to see him very quickly which was a pleasant surprise. more

Robert Kelly,
Wayne, NJ – bilateral hip resurfacing
Unfortunately I don't have any action photos to share about how I'm able to go back to mountain climbing or downhill ski racing. I'm just an "average Joe" who had a relatively active lifestyle until osteoarthritis got the best of my hips. It took a lot of convincing before I was ready to accept that I needed surgical intervention to alleviate my worsening hip pain. When I met with Dr. Mayman about my options, he gave me the reassurance that I was looking for, that I could return to the active lifestyle I once knew.

After my first hip resurfacing procedure I was amazed at how fast I was able to regain the movement and range of motion with my affected hip. Within 8 months, I was back at HSS for the other side and that outcome surpassed my already high expectations with HSS and Dr. Mayman. Now at eight weeks post-surgery, I sometimes have to remind myself that I have had bilateral hip resurfacing done. The pain is long gone, and in my personal case, I'm quickly getting back to doing things I thought I couldn't do anymore. Hats off to Dr. Mayman and the staff at HSS!

Jeffrey Pullen, Burtonsville, MD – double hip replacement
I have been battling arthritis in both hips for many years. This has limited my mobility and in some cases, I had to use a cane to walk. During this time, I saw many different doctors who gave me differing opinions on what to do, from losing weight to taking medication. Some doctors even stated that I was too young (in my 40s) for such a procedure. One Sunday morning, I was watching a segment on joint replacements on CBS Sunday Morning where HSS was mentioned. After the show, I investigated the information and found out that the facility was one of the top-ranked orthopedic hospitals in the US. After validating that my insurance would cover a visit, I set up an appointment, and was referred to Dr. Nestor. more

Cathy Rochford, Long Beach, NY – spine surgery
On March 14, 2012, at the age of 52, I had spinal fusion surgery of T3 - L4 by the brilliant Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei. My experience was great starting with Dr. Boachie and his wonderful office staff (Lindy, Tom, Theresa and Cynthia). They were always helpful with any of my questions or concerns and would always calm my fears.

The wonderful care continued at HSS. My pre-op testing was a long day and I was treated by the most professional, courteous and understanding staff that put me at ease. The day of surgery, that care continued. I was treated so well I couldn't believe how calm I was. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Michael Urban was wonderful and checked on me days after to monitor my pain. Most importantly, my family was treated very well and was kept well informed during my 7-hour surgery. During my 10-day stay at HSS, the treatment I received by doctors, nurses, aides, PT, even housekeeping, was extraordinary! It has been 3 months and I can't believe how great I am doing. HSS is the best hospital and Dr. Boachie is amazing! Thank you to all.

Rick Tully,
Merrick, NY – hip resurfacing and hip replacement
Being an ice hockey goalie for over 40 years had wreaked havoc on both of my hips, but I still wanted to continue to play. In January of 2009, I had hip resurfacing done by Dr. Geoffrey Westrich at HSS. Obviously, I was concerned that this type of operation would be the end of my playing days but Dr. Westrich assured me that it would not. He was right. By June of 2009, I was back skating on the ice, though not yet playing goal.

In September, I resumed playing goal and have been doing so ever since. People were amazed that I could still perform after having the surgery. Fast forward to April of 2012, the week after my hockey season ended, I had a full hip replacement on my other hip. Once again I have been assured by Dr. Westrich that I will be able to resume playing hockey by the fall.

Dr. Westrich and the entire staff at HSS are amazing people. Since 2009, I have referred two other people to the doctor for hip replacement, and both are doing great. One of them is a teammate of mine who had double hip surgery! If you are considering hip replacement, look no further than HSS.

Tara Bulzacchelli, Pleasant Valley, NY – left knee reconstruction surgery
We have been blessed with five HSS doctors. Two years ago, our son had a devastating knee injury that carried a high rate of disability. In addition, he developed compartment syndrome, which carries a high rate of amputation. Our home-town surgeon had only seen three such injuries in his entire career. He told us our son would be disabled and faced developing early arthritis. more

Joe Salem, Oxford, CT – hip resurface surgery
Dr. Su performed hip resurface surface to my right hip on 4/20/12. I could not be happier with the outcome thus far. The professionalism of the whole HSS staff is apparent from the gentleman who greats you at the entrance at 6 am to the top surgeon. The nursing staff is top notch! It was truly a gift to find HSS and to have my surgery performed by Dr. Su and his assistant Victoria. I would highly recommend HSS in any of their specialties. Thank you for giving me my active life back!

Stephanie Grey, Hamden, CT – Total Knee Revision
About a year and a half ago I was having trouble with my left knee. It had been replaced when I was in my late forties and had served me well for about 14 years. Unfortunately, I aggravated the knee and, after having fluid removed and tested, it was determined to be very inflamed and possibly infected. I was an avid exerciser and this news meant only one thing - I wouldn’t be able to race walk or continue to teach aerobics! more

Celine Read, limb lengthing patient storyCeline Read, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - tibia and ankle
In the middle of a long weekend, living on an island, it is not rare to find almost everyone at the beach. That’s were it all happened. On January 29, 2012, I was with a friend riding in a beach car. Being in the passenger seat wasn’t much of an advantage, because minutes later the little car that seemed harmless was over my right leg. I remember how I didn't even feel the tears running down my face. It was a sudden shock. When the car was lifted up, I felt like somebody had ripped off my right leg from the knee down. I couldn't even breathe right. When they picked me up, I saw my jingly leg, as if I had 3 more knees. I was taken to the smallest hospital in the little town we were in, miles and miles away from the city. The ride seems like a dream today. I remember telling my mom to calm down, as my dad tried to assimilate everything that had happened in just 3 minutes. more

Peter Bayers, New Milford, CT - Tibia/Femur Reconstruction
In February 2011, I shattered my right lower tibia and snapped by fibula when an ice dagger collapsed with me on it as I was ice-climbing. A good friend, an orthopedic surgeon by the name of John Mullen, put me in touch with Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch at HSS because of the severity of my injury. more

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Richard F. Levine, Poughkeepsie, NY – knee replacement surgery
Dear Dr. Nestor,

When we discussed my double partial knee replacement prior to my June surgery, I told you that my goal was to return to the active life style that I was accustomed to. Well, I am happy to report that eight months later I have met and exceeded my goals. Note that prior to the surgery, I wore a deloader brace on one knee and the other knee did not let me walk for more than 50 yards without needing to stop to ease the pain.

Richard Levine skiing Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort more

Richard Levine hiking in New Mexico

Richard Levine hiking in New Mexico

Richard Levine in Carlsbad Cavern

Richard Levine in Carlsbad Cavern

Richard Levine in Deer Valley

Richard Levine in Deer Valley

Josephine Moore, New Windsor, NY - spine surgery
About a year ago I was suddenly afflicted with severe back and leg pains that I immediately recognized as the same symptom of a spinal disorder I had ten years earlier for which I had very successful surgery. The physician I had at the time had since retired so I began a search for a spinal surgeon from whom I could get a diagnosis and recommendation with which I could feel comfortable. I spent an extended period of time visiting physicians in well-known medical institutions all of whom strongly opposed surgery and recommended various alternatives. Some I followed without success; others I rejected. more

Carol J. Weilacher,
Mahwah, NJ – knee replacement surgery
On November 9, 2011, I had a total knee replacement. Dr. Steven Haas is not only an excellent surgeon, he is the Michaelangelo of knee surgery. I cannot thank Dr. Haas and his entire staff enough, plus the staff at HSS. I was cared for with kindness and compassion. Now, months later, the results have been wonderful. Thank you!

Roree Oehlman, Honokaa, HI – knee surgery, spinal injections
I came to HSS after a complete series of missteps as to my diagnosis of rotator cuff injury, which was in reality, a rare, aggressive myxoma. I had traveled a great distance to HSS for help after I found out that they were rated number #1 and that they were near my daughters who live in NYC. Dr. Anil Ranawat jumped to action and referred me to Gregory R. Saboeiro, MD who did not concur with my original diagnosis of a cyst. He sent me to Dr. Ranawat for a referral for what appeared to be a cancerous mass. Dr. Athanasian was brought in, and he removed the mass. I have been clear of any recurrence thus far and, thank goodness, there was no cancer. I was able to go home where I completed a rough water swim, which I had not been able to do for years. more

Renate Swayze,
Dover, NJ – spine surgery, pelvic surgery, knee replacement surgery
I have been a patient at HSS five times. I have also had several procedures and a number of tests. From the x-ray technicians to the surgeons, I have always been treated with care and respect. I remember the x-ray technician who took great care in making sure the hospital bed I was in was pushed as closely to where I had to stand as possible. He understood the pain I was in. I remember the doctor who wanted me to begin a certain treatment before I was released and the assistant who managed to have it in my hands in only hours. After two spine surgeries, I am happy to say I am doing well and feel like a new person. I wish I could personally thank each and every person who had a part in my story at HSS. Thank you all.

Helena Blum, Glen Ridge, NJ – knee replacement surgery
When the pain in my left knee got so bad that it started to hinder my pursuit of international folk dancing, I knew it was time for me to take action. I knew about the work done at Hospital for Special Surgery and my friend recommended Dr. Rozbruch, who had replaced both of her knees. The attention and treatment I received at the hospital, and the dedication and personal attention with which my knee replacement surgery was handled last year, is allowing me to continue dancing without any restrictions or pain. I am forever grateful to Dr. Rozbruch.

Mary Tancredi,
Rocky Point, NY – knee and shoulder replacement surgery
In 2001, I had my right knee replaced and in 2001, I had my left knee replaced. I was told it was either a wheelchair or replacement, so I chose the later. In 2011, I had my shoulder replaced due to a fall and severe arthritis. My surgeon, Dr. Gulotta, told me that in 6 months, I would be happy I had it done. Not so! I was happy in 6 weeks! I was so scared to have it done but it was the best thing I ever did. I had wonderful results from my knee surgery although it took about 6 months to appreciate what I went through. But my shoulder replacement was a piece of cake thanks to Dr. Gulotta - he's a great doctor.

Barbara Jean Smith, Laurel, NY – shoulder surgery
When I separated my right shoulder in 1995, the doctor said the only thing that would help was time (and painkillers temporarily). It got somewhat better with time… and then worse. By 2011, I wasn’t able to reach across my desk at work to answer the phone. I sought help. The doctors in eastern Long Island gave me cortisone shots, to no avail. I made an appt with HSS and got in right away. Amazing people! I had bursitis, arthritis, bone spurs, and the joint was collapsing in on itself. My surgery was a week and a half later. Once again, amazing people! Dr. Beth Shubin Stein performed the surgery and I was on my way home 5 hours later. Yes, there was pain at first, but I have not had such a range of motion in 16 years. I’m now with little to no pain. Once again, amazing.

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Nancy Napurski, ankle distraction

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