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Layla Alvandi, New York, NY spine surgery
As a fifteen year old, I had scoliosis surgery done in Houston, Texas, which, ten years later, I learned would require revisions. I had since relocated in New York and naturally researched surgeons in the city to help me consider the best options for retaining mobility as well as reducing pain. Fortunately, I chose to consult with Dr. Matthew Cunningham.

I immediately found his pleasant demeanor and thoughtful manner, while also taking the time to thoroughly address all of my concerns, to be a perfect doctor/ patient fit. He skillfully and thoroughly, took the time necessary to explain clearly what was going on in my spine. He clarified exactly what my x-rays showed and offered a specific treatment plan while also making sure that it made perfect sense to me.

Following spinal injections and physical therapy, I had revision surgeries done in May 2011, November 2012 and December 2012, at HSS with Dr. Cunningham. It would have been impossible to undergo this amount of revision surgery without the genuine support and caring concern of Dr. Cunningham and his outstanding office staff. Without Tina Miller's organized professionalism and concern for detail, I could not have scheduled and successfully completed the three surgeries and hospital stays.

Dr. Cunningham's office reflects the man, for here, you always find thoughtful, caring interest in you as an individual person and insightful treatment recommendations. This makes me feel less of a patient and more of a partner and part of a team with the common goal to heal. If only more doctors could have Dr. Cunningham's top-of-the-profession skill in the operating room and his genuine concern and interest in every patient's progress!

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