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Lawrence Link, Brooklyn, NY surgical repair of a shattered heel
If you are reading this story, you are probably in a moment of decision, and perhaps a bit scared for yourself or someone you love. Early in 2012, I suffered a shattered right heel from a 20-foot fall, so I remember being in that moment of uncertainty myself, not knowing who or how to choose for this critical decision.

From the moment I met Dr. Matthew Roberts and his staff at HSS, the fear and uncertainty disappeared. I was 100% certain I had made the right choice.

Larry and his Dojo class post-surgery

From the very beginning, Dr. Roberts and his staff made special accommodations for me to have an immediate appointment on the very next morning. He patiently listened to me as I explained what happened, answered all my questions, and explained in great detail exactly what would be required next. His calm manner, in-depth knowledge and obvious care for my personal well-being put me at ease immediately and helped me to feel much less scared about the surgery.

The surgery to repair and reconstruct my foot went perfectly, as planned. During my two-day hospital stay, the rooms were clean and comfortable and everyone on staff at HSS was deeply concerned with my comfort and care. Just four short months from the day of my accident, I was walking again. Within weeks after that, I was back in my Dojo, training in the style of Shorin-Ryu Karate, that I have studied for the last 19 years. And as the crowning recognition of my recovery, in August 2012, I tested and received my Fifth-Degree Black Belt in Karate. I went from a shattered heel, to walking, to my Black Belt karate test, all within a matter of seven short months. Dr. Roberts and HSS: I cannot thank you enough for fixing me up good as new, and allowing me to get back to life.

Larry and his Dojo class post-surgery
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