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Harry Roscoe, Beacon Falls, CT total knee replacement surgery
I am a 64 year-old man who has led an active lifestyle including camping, fishing, hiking and bicycling. Over the years my knees had progressively deteriorated to the point where I had to seek medical help. My knees were bone on bone.

Harry discusses his experience at HSS

I went through arthroscopic surgery at another facility with another surgeon which alleviated the problem for about a year. My existing orthopedic surgeon said that I was too young to get knee replacements because they would wear out and need to be replaced within 10 years. At the suggestion of a friend, I investigated HSS and also Dr. David Mayman. I selected Dr. Mayman because of his use of the latest computer-assisted technology and the positive reviews he received.

I went to see Dr. Mayman at which time he took many x-rays. He then informed me that I would need to have both knees replaced. I told him what the other surgeon said and he said, on the contrary, that the knees that he was going to give me would last 25 to 30 years. I was particularly impressed with the fact that I didnt have to go there time and again - all was done the same day from x-rays, to diagnosis, to scheduling surgery.

I went into the hospital on a Friday afternoon for surgery at 2 pm for the first knee. I was home by Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. The surgery was handled in an extremely organized fashion and with the comfort of the patient being the first concern. HSS has a team approach. This team is made up of a physician, a pain management physician, the anesthesiologist, the operating room nurse, and of course, the surgeon. Upon completion of the surgery I found that I had no pain. I came home did not feel like I needed pain medication. Within two weeks, my scar had healed.

For the second knee, pretty much everything went the same. I did encounter a little more pain in the recovery, but it was nothing dramatic and I only had to take a minimum of pain meds. One important fact - if you follow instructions, this is almost a painless procedure except for your therapy. I will say that after 3 weeks, the scar was completely healed. Friends look at it and are amazed at its condition as well as my ability to walk normally again with no difficulty.

About the hospital, in all my experience, I have never seen a more caring staff, or more knowledgeable staff, excellent food, and concern over any pain that you might have. To me, it was almost like having surgery at the Marriott hotel.

Therapy is anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on how long it takes to build up your muscle strength and put up with torture - I say that with a smile. It can be painful at times, but you feel progress with every session. My advice is that you do exactly what you are asked on the days that you are home between sessions. Also consider a pain pill prior to the session.

I want to personally thank Dr. Mayman (he is a god!), for his individualized attention to my condition, for his dedication to getting me back to where I should be, and for his excellent communication with a patient.

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