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Don Davis, New Paltz, NY - limb lengthening surgery
I created the Survival Of the Shawangunks Triathlon (SOS) twenty-eight years ago. I did my first NYC Marathon in 1977 and have enjoyed running, cycling, and swimming my entire adult life. I founded the New York Triathlete Association that is dedicated to cardio vascular fitness through the sport of triathlon. SOS starts with a 30 mile bike ride and is followed by a 4.5-mile run, 1.1-mile swim, 5.5-mile run, .5-mile swim, 8-mile run, .5-mile swim, and a .7-mile run.

In 2011, I was competing in a triathlon in Hawaii when I had a bike accident that shattered my femur. The surgeon in Hawaii did a great initial job but the femur did not heal properly and I lost about an inch of my left leg.

Triathlon training, competition, and production is a large part of my life. I was lucky to have been referred to Dr. Rozbruch. As a cyclist himself, he realized how important it was for me to keep my lifestyle of fitness through the sport of triathlon. He treated me as an individual not as just some old guy who wants to run.

Dr. Rozbruch re-broke my femur and straightened the fulcrum of the bone. I am now running, biking, and swimming again. The fact is, it is due to the talent and dedication of Dr. Rozbruch, that I can rejoin the sport I love. I cannot thank Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch and HSS enough for giving me back my life(style)!

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Alexandra, ACL reconstruction
Josephine Moore, spine surgery
Joanne Donoghue, knee, hip surgery
Jane Pressman, spine surgery
Julie Fitzgerald, ankle distraction
Chris Pates, spine surgery
Nancy Napurski, ankle distraction

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