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Brian Cantin, Rego Park, NY Ankle surgery
The original problem I had with my ankle happened about four years ago when I injured it. I was told that I have tendonitis in the ankle and required physical therapy. After success, I was back on my way until one night while I was sleeping, my ankle woke me up with unbelievable pain. Having no idea why the pain started, I went back to my original foot doctor and he had no answer after a new MRI was done. Frustrated with this roadblock, I went to three other specialists in the foot and ankle field. None had a clear-cut answer, even after looking at my MRI and knowing my history. All that they could do was suggest aspirin, heat or ice, and that was it. One doctor even suggested I see a pain specialist. Finally, my regular doctor suggested I see Dr. Mark Drakos. I had nothing to lose so I made the appointment.

I was thrilled to hear that Dr. Drakos was affiliated with Hospital for Special Surgery as this was the hospital I wanted to go to but could not get an appointment with any other doctor for at least 6 months. Dr. Drakos took one look at my swollen foot, saw my MRI, and immediately suggested we drain the fluid he saw. I was excited to hear some progress about to be made (although I was not excited for the draining procedure). As soon as he got the fluid out, he knew something wasn't right. Four days later, he informed me that I had an infection and needed surgery right away to take care of the problem. I had the surgery at HSS (this was my first surgery of any kind in my life) and four days after, I was home.

I really enjoyed my stay at the hospital. Everyone has stories about hospitals and how it can be boring or bad, but I did not have a bad experience whatsoever during my stay. Now I am on the road to recovery and hope by the summertime, I can get back to doing the things I loved to do - bike rides, handball, football, anything to tell you the truth. Since my surgery, I've been telling all my friends and co-workers that if they ever need anything done or checked out, to first check out the doctors at this Hospital. If there comes a time when I do need surgery again, the first place I will check out is Hospital for Special Surgery.

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