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Douglas Warshaw, New York, NY - comprehensive rehabilitation

I've certainly had my share of operations, orthopedic and otherwise. I've had my knee basically replaced and I've had it scoped. I've had a ruptured achilles repaired and a rotator cuff rebuffed. There's more, but I'll stop here. My point is, I've seen my share of hospitals and I've seen my share of doctors - and I love Dr. Wyss and his office. His analytical approach and ability to work with different insurance providers (within and outside of HSS), has made an enormous difference, and impressed me greatly.

As any patient who hasn't found a quick one-visit remedy knows, one of the most difficult parts about trying to find the answer is getting the various practitioners involved to efficiently (and economically) communicate with one another. Dr. Wyss (and his office) have been spectacular in this area.

I keep saying "and his office" because as any patient with half a brain knows, a good percentage of one's time is spent interacting not only with the doctor, but with the doctor's office getting test results, lab reports, bills and, oh yes, appointments. Honestly, there's no doctor I know - and I know a lot of doctors - who has a more efficient office, or more pleasant office to deal with. Oh, and the definition of office here, of course, is his Office Manager, Jennifer.

With Dr. Wyss, I not only feel that I'm in good care, but just as importantly, I feel like I'm in the hands of somebody who truly cares.

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Alexandra, ACL reconstruction
Josephine Moore, spine surgery
Joanne Donoghue, knee, hip surgery
Jane Pressman, spine surgery
Julie Fitzgerald, ankle distraction
Chris Pates, spine surgery
Nancy Napurski, ankle distraction

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