CME/CEU Activities and Offerings

CME & CEU Professional Education Offerings

Hospital for Special Surgery offers a wide range of professional and continuing medical education programs, as well as hosting a variety of regularly scheduled conferences. Many CME and CEU offerings from Hospital for Special Surgery have an option to register for an on-site or live streaming online version of the activity during the dates of the course. For enduring CME and CEU activities that can be completed online year-round, visit HSS eAcademy.

Featured CME & CEU offerings include:
Current Concepts in Sports Medicine in Tennis 8th Annual
Current Concepts
in Sports Medicine
Current Concepts in Sports Medicine in Tennis 18th Annual Symposium
Best Practices in Anesthesia
for Orthopaedic Surgery
ISFR 14th Biennial Conference:
International Society
for Fracture Repair
Spinal The David B. Levine
Spinal Deformity
HSS Journal CME Article-Based CME Activity
Featuring HSS Journal
Additional programs:
ISFR Nailfold

Visit HSS eAcademy for Enduring CME and CEU Activities Online

At HSS eAcademy, you will find a selection of CME and CEU activities designed for convenient year-round registration and completion online. Non-accredited offerings are also available.

Regularly Scheduled Conferences

HSS also hosts several regularly scheduled conferences, a number of which offer CME credit. Visit the Calendar of Regularly Scheduled Conferences to view monthly offerings.

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Share in a Rich History and an Illustrious Future

David B. Levine, MDs new book, Anatomy of a Hospital: Hospital for Special Surgery 1863-2013, details the history of HSS from the Civil War and chronicles how the hospital has shaped the field of musculoskeletal health.

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