Prosthetics and Orthotics Vendors

Biodynamic Technologies

510 East 73rd Street, Suite 201-B
New York, NY  10021  
Tel: 212.606.1906
Fax:  212.717.5937
Primary Contact:
Barbara D'Alia,

Contracted to provide: Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Soft Goods/Prefabricated Braces, Cryo-therapy Systems, Continuous Passive Motion Machines (CPM)

Eschen Prosthetic & Orthotic
Laboratories, Inc

510 East 73rd Street, Suite 201-A
New York, NY  10021  
Tel: 212.606.1662
Fax:  212.774.2405
Primary Contact:
Andrew Meyers,

Contracted to provide: Custom Orthoses, Prostheses, Soft Goods/Prefabricated Braces

Gotham Surgical and Brace, Inc

510 East 73rd Street, Suite 201-C
New York, NY  10021 
Tel: 646.797.8010
Fax:  646.797.8484
Primary Contact:
Brian Hamill,

Contracted to provide: Soft Goods/Prefabricated Braces, Cryo-therapy Systems

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