Walther H.O. Bohne, MD

Dr. Walther H.O. Bohne came on to the staff of Hospital for Special Surgery in 1971 after 4 years of fellowship and became Chief of the Foot and Ankle Service in 1982. He stepped down from that position in 2001. He is still interested in problems of the foot and ankle in children and adults as well as amputation surgery and prosthetic replacements.


Associate Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery
Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College




Special Expertise

Hindfoot Arthritis
Problems of the Child Foot
Peroneal Tendon Problems
Amputation Surgery and Prostheses


OREF Research Grant



Insurances Accepted

United Healthcare

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MD, University of Munich, Germany, 1959


Fitkin Memorial Hospital, Neptune, New Jersey, 1960


Allgemeines Krankenhaus, General Surgery, Karlsruhe, Germany
University of Tuebingen, Orthopaedic Surgery, Tuebingen,  Germany


Hospital for Special Surgery and Cornell Medical School , Orthopaedic Surgery, Research

State Licensure

New York

Walther H.O. Bohne, MD has contributed to the following articles on HSS.edu:

Editorial Appointments

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
Foot and Ankle International

Selected Publications

Brodsky AR, O’Malley MJ, BohneWH, Deland JT, Kennedy JG. An Analysis of Outcome Measures Following the Broström-Gould Procedure for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability. Foot Ankle Int 26(10):816-819, 2005.

Kennedy JG, Knowles B, Dolan M, Bohne WH. Foot and Ankle Injuries in the Adolescent Runner. Curr Opin Pediatr. 17(1):34-42, 2005.

Bohne WH. Tarsal Coalition. Curr Opin Pediatr 13(1): 29-35,2001.

Bohne WH, Lee Kung-Tai, Peterson M. Action of the Peroneus Longus Tendon on the First Metatarsal Against Metatarsus Primus Varus Force. Foot Ankle Int 18(8): 510-512,1997.

For more publications, please see the PubMed listing.

Selected Books/Chapters

Bohne WH. Amputations Around the Foot and Ankle. IN: Craig EV.Clinical Orthopaedics, Chapter 83, pp 955-962, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2000.

Sobel M, Bohne WH. Peroneal Tendon Repair-Reconstruction. In: Johnson KA (ed), The Foot and Ankle. Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery, Raven Press, New York, NY 1994, Thompson, R.C., Jr. (ed). Chapter 22, pp 285-298.

Bohne WH, Kettler RE. Regional Anesthesia for Foot Surgery. Operative Foot Surgery – Gould-W.B. Saunders Company, pp 3-9, 1994.

Bohne WH. The Geriatric Amputee. In: Sculco, T.Orthopaedic Care of the Geriatric Patient. Chapter 17, pp. 309-322. C.V. Mosby. 1985.

Selected Presentations

JG Kennedy, WH Bohne and al. Outcome after Two Screw Fixation Techniques of Ankle Arthrodesis, New England Ortho Society, November 18, 2005.

JG KEnnedy, WH Bohne at al. Clinical Importance of the Lateral Branch of the Deep Peroneal Nerve, New England Ortho Society, November 18, 2005.

JG Kennedy, WH Bohne, JT Deland at all. Comparison of Achilles Tendon Repair Strength, New England Ortho Society, November 18, 2005.

Research Interests

Tendon and Ligament Problems on the Lateral Side of the Ankle
Clubfoot Surgery in Children and Adolescents
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Dr. Walther Bohne, Foot & Ankle Specialist

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