Pastoral Care

Special Requests

Kosher Food

When you are admitted, the admitting clerk will ask you questions about your religious preferences and your desire for a chaplainís visit. Kosher or halal meals can be arranged at this time. A nutritionist will visit your room after surgery; please make him or her aware of your requests. Please contact us if you need reading materials or any religious items. Special sleeping accommodations can be arranged for the Sabbath or Jewish holiday.

Glatt Kosher Guest Trays may be ordered by family and guests for an additional charge. Speak to the unit clerk by the nurses station about ordering. If you would like a kosher refrigerator in your room, please contact your nurse to make arrangements.

Extra food during your hospital stay may be ordered by contacting the Satmar Bikur Cholim at 718.387.7749 Sunday to Friday, 8am - 10am.


Candles can be obtained by calling the Pastoral Care Department or by going to the Bikur Cholim Room located on the 2nd floor. It is prohibited to light regular candles on hospital premises. No Exceptions.

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