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Osteoporosis Support Group

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become thin and weak, often resulting in fractures. Fractures can cause debilitating pain, reduced mobility, and a loss of quality of life.

The Osteoporosis Support Group was designed to help patients cope with the effects of this life-altering disease. The program provides on-going support, education and encouragement to those affected by osteoporosis and provides an opportunity for individuals with the condition to connect, gain emotional support and learn coping strategies form each other. Through this program these individuals will also be able to obtain advanced medical information related to their treatments from specialized health care professionals.

This program is essential to those already diagnosed with osteoporosis. All participants must fill out a health questionnaire with the support group coordinator, and submit a physician’s letter indicating a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Pre-registration is required. Registration is limited to 15 participants. All other registrants will be placed on a waiting list. Please call in advance to ensure entry into the support group. This program meets the first Thursday of each month. For more information about this support group, please contact Robyn Wiesel, CHES, Public and Patient Education Coordinator at 212.774.7326.

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Testimonials from Support Group Participants 2010

"This group has helped me to learn not to feel sorry for myself and to continue living life (with some changes)."

"We are not alone."

"Excellent group, enjoyed every minute of it."

"I will miss this monthly program and wish to continue."

For more information about this program, please contact

Robyn Wiesel, CHES
Public & Patient Education
Education & Academic Affairs
at 212.774.7326

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