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  • Lawrence Returns, Discusses His Accident
    msnbc – June 23, 2014
    Lawrence O’Donnell returns to The Last Word and talks about his accident, about the doctors and nurses who helped him heal... and also how David Koch helped....
  • Tips On Staying Safe On The Slopes
    The Couch CBS-TV New York – January 2, 2014
  • British tourist’s crash injury may be too severe to reattach limb: medical expert
    New York Daily News – August 21, 2013
    Despite the high failure rate of reattachment, surgeons will do everything possible in the early stages even if there is a small probability of success,’ writes Dr. David Wellman, an orthopedic trauma surgeon....
  • Recovering from amputation injuries
    WABC-TV--New York – August 21, 2013
    Dr. David Helfet was not involved in her care, but as Chief of Orthopedic Trauma at Hospital for Special Surgery, he's seen it all.

    "You have to reattach the muscles, the nerves, the tendons, the skin. It's a big job and if everything mangled, it's very hard," Dr. Helfet said....

  • Boston Marathon Amputees Face New Reality
    The Wall Street Journal – April 18, 2013
    Amputees and patients with major trauma to extremities face potentially long recoveries...
  • University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware is up and on crutches less than 24 hours after his horrific fall
    WABC-TV News – April 1, 2013
  • What Surgery Can Do For An Athlete's Bad Break
    The Wall Street Journal – April 1, 2013
    The horrific leg injury suffered by Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware on the court Sunday is a rare event in sports, but it is more commonplace in the world of orthopedic surgeons, who regularly see such fractures among victims of car accidents and other trauma...
  • Giving Back to Those Who Got Her Back on Her Feet
    HSS – January 31, 2012
    Nancy Abbate returned to Hospital for Special Surgery, this time as a volunteer in ambulatory surgery, working first one day and then three days a week. "When I realized that I could walk again, I wanted to give something back," says Nancy...
  • Haitian Earthquake Survivor Marks Two-Year Anniversary
    NY1  – January 13, 2012
    In this segment on NY1, Darline Bertil who lost both her hands in the 2009 Haitian earthquake, spoke about her recovery with Inside City Hall's Errol Louis...
  • After Nightmarish Crash, Safety's N.F.L. Dream Lives On
    The New York Times – November 27, 2011
    At Hospital for Special Surgery, Chad Jones was under the care of Dr. David Helfet, the director of orthopedic trauma service....
  • Eye of the Storm
    Advance for Nurses – February 16, 2010
    Long after the world's attention has turned from the earthquake disaster in Haiti, its people and the devastation will linger in the memory of a team of dedicated nurses at Manhattan's Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)....
  • Hospital for Special Surgery Orthopedic Trauma Team On the Ground in Haiti
     – January 18, 2010
    A team of anesthesiologists, nurses and orthopedic trauma surgeons from Hospital for Special Surgery headed for Haiti on Friday and have been performing surgery and tending to those impacted by the earthquake ever since...
  • NY medical team arrives in Haiti on a borrowed wing
    Crain's New York Business – January 18, 2010
    A team of nine doctors, three nurses and two surgical technicians from the Hospital for Special Surgery arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Saturday on a borrowed corporate jet. Dr. Soumitra Eachempati, the head of emergency medicine from New York-Presbyterian Hospital, also traveled with the team....
  • New Jersey Man's Leg Rebuilt
    WEMZ-TV 69News – November 3, 2008
    It's the kind of news no parent wants to hear. After a serious accident, one New Jersey mom was told her son's leg might be amputated. But her determination drove her to find an alternative. WFMZ's Jaccii Farris has the story....
  • Ga$ Fuels E.R. Boom 'Cycle'
    NY Post – August 4, 2008
    As gas prices continue to soar, another statistic is also swelling: the number of cyclists and scooter enthusiasts that end up in the E.R....
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