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  • Recovery Time Plays for Key Role for NCAA’s March Madness Athletes
    March 26, 2015—Fox News
    For three weeks each spring, the nation is in a basketball frenzy as millions tune in to watch the NCAA March Madness tournament and follow their favorite teams. While Cinderella stories and coaching rivalries fight for headline space, one or two lines about a player’s injury could threaten to break a fan’s perfected bracket....

  • A Fresh Start
    March 26, 2015—The Players’ Tribune
    Yesterday, I had Tommy John surgery to fix my left arm. I’m obviously extremely disappointed. I wanted to let my pitching speak for itself, but now there are going to be new distractions. For that reason, I wanted to be the one to tell people what’s happened and make this a fresh start....

  • Why Storytelling is a Powerful Tool for Hospital Patients
    March 26, 2015—PR Week
    John Englehart, CMO for Hospital for Special Surgery, talks to Lindsay Stein about how powerful storytelling is a key tool for patients....

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