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Case #1
Distraction of a tibial non-union
Case #2
Tibial lengthening and deformity correction
Case #3
Knee arthrodesis and lengthening
Case #4
Correction of a foot deformity
Case #5
Lengthening and deformity correction of a femur malunion
Case #6
Femur lengthening in a child with a growth-plate injury
Case #7
High tibial osteotomy for knee realignment to treat arthritis
Case #8
Complex tibia fracture in a child
Case #9
Bone transport in femur for a 10 cm defect
Case #10
Ilizarov hip reconstruction, lengthening & correction of the femur
Case #11
Proximal tibial osteotomy for correction of deformity
Case #12
Total hip replacement (THR)
Case #13
Double level tibial osteotomy and joint replacement for correction of deformity and shortening
Case #14
Ankle arthrodesis (fusion)
Case #15
Repair of distal humerus nonunion
Case #16
Humerus nonunion: Plate fixation
Case #17
Arm (humerus) lengthening
Case #18
Correction of bilateral tibia vara (bowlegs)
Case #19
Stature lengthening
Case #20
Repair of tibia nonunion with deformity
Case #21
Distal Tibia Fracture
Case #22
Total Knee Replacements
Case #23
Radius Lengthening for Wrist Deformity Correction
Case #24
Femoral lengthening, 2 inches
Case #25
Double level osteotomy of tibia for lengthening and deformity correction
Case #26
Lengthening and deformity correction of a femur malunion using an EBI monolateral frame
Case #27
Tibial osteotomy for genu varum (bowleg) using Ilizarov Taylor Spatial Frame
Case #28
Correction of Bowleg alignment (genu varum) with Spatial Frames
Case #29
Tibia lengthening and correction in a child (pediatric) after growth plate injury
Case #30
Lengthening and then Nailing (LATN) of a Femur Malunion
Case #31
Correction of Bilateral Genu Varum (bowlegged alignment) with EBI frames
Case #32
Correction of Large Genu Valgum (knock-knee deformity)
Case #33
Internal Lengthening Nail (ISKD device)
Case #34
Limb Salvage with Bone Transport for Tibia Bone Defect
Case #35
Distraction of the Ankle for Arthritis
Case #36
Ankle Distraction for Arthritis and AVN of Talus
Case #37
Bone Transport for Infected Tibia Nonunion with Large Bone Defect
Case #38
Correction of Complex Foot Deformity with Miter Taylor Spatial Frame and V Osteotomy
Case #39
Metatarsal Lengthening
Case #40
Lengthening and Reconstruction of Radial Club Hand Wrist/Forearm Deformity
Case #41
Femur Lengthening with Monolateral EBI Frame for Growth Arrest
Case #42
Lengthening and Straightening of a Humerus (arm) in Patient with Ollier's Disease

Case #43
Limb Salvage of a Massive Tibial Bone Defect in a Child
See also Lansana's Patient Story: A New Leg, A New Life

Case #44
Femur nonunion with deformity and shortening treated with a Blade plate
Case #45
Correction of congenital leg deformity (valgus) to improve prosthetic wear
Case #46
Lengthening and deformity correction in fibrous dysplasia with osteotomy and hip replacement
Case #47
Bone transport for infected tibial nonunion/ bone defect
Case #48
Total knee replacement for an unstable neuropathic knee
Case #49
Total hip replacement for hip arthritis associated with deformity and leg length discrepancy
Case #50
Femoral osteotomy to correct valgus deformity
Case #51
Foot deformity correction
Case #52
Repair of femoral nonunion with deformity below hip replacement
Case #53
Correction of valgus deformity with knee replacement, tibial osteotomy, and ankle fusion
Case #54
Limb Salvage Reconstruction of Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia with Bone Transport
Case #55
Correction of Bilateral Leg Windswept Deformity
Case #56
Ankle Fusion and Simultaneous Lengthening of Tibia
Case #57
Treatment of foot and ankle deformity with gradual correction and ankle fusion
Case #58
Bone Transport for reconstruction of a 17 cm bone defect after tumor resection
Case #59
Joint salvage reconstruction of ankle with osteotomy and distraction
Case #60
Correction of bowlegs with TSF
Case #61
Tibial osteotomy for lengthening and straightening of Blount's disease
Case #62
Tibia lengthening with the LATN technique
Case #63
Femur lengthening in young child
Case #64
Femur lengthening and nonunion repair after tumor
Case #65
Correction of foot deformity with ankle fusion
Case #66
Bilateral total hip replacement
Case #67
Tibia lengthening with the LATN technique
Case #68
Metacarpal (finger) lengthening
 Case #69
Lengthening and correction of femur after growth arrest
Case #70
Bilateral metatarsal lengthening and tibial deformity corrections
Case #71
Massive 20 cm (8 inches) lengthening including femur lengthening over a nail (LON)
Case #72
Bone transport and then nailing of the tibia
Patient: Denise
Read her testimonial
Case #73
Femur lengthening and deformity correction after growth arrest.
Case #74
Femur lengthening and deformity correction.
Case #75
Ankle distraction for treatment of post-traumatic arthritis.
Case #76
Femur lengthening with the Precice Internal Lengthening Nail.
Case #77
Femoral Reconstruction in a Soccer Player

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