Joint Mobility Center Services

One-on-One Fitness Services
Keep the momentum going after you've completed your physical therapy. Work one-on-one with a qualified fitness professional right here at the Joint Mobility Center to increase your confidence in performing daily activities, improve joint stability and flexibility, increase strength, and lose inches. Our unique program allows you to progress at your own pace in a safe, secure environment.

Group Exercise
Our dynamic group Exercise Wellness Program allows you to exercise under supervision in a familiar, social environment, often using the very same equipment that you used during therapy. The Wellness Program is a fun and affordable way to maintain your optimal health, fitness, and joint mobility.

This group exercise mat class was developed especially for patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia (low bone mass).
The classes follow the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Departmentís 5-Point Program, focusing on posture, flexibility, strengthening, weight bearing and balance.

Setup your workstation in a way that works for you.
The Joint Mobility Center offers ergonomic evaluations to help you optimize the fit of your workstation and improve your workspace. Our specially trained therapists have completed the Matheson Ergonomic Certification Program, a leading organization in the field of occupational rehabilitation.
The ergonomic evaluation includes:

  • Individualized musculoskeletal evaluations
  • Analysis of your current workstation setup
    (through photos and/or video)
  • Individual exercise programs
  • Recommendations and strategies for proper body mechanics and workstation layout

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Make the most of your workstation

This video demonstrates how to make the most of your work setup, from the keyboard you use to the chair you sit in.