Infusion Therapy Unit

Infusion Therapy Unit

The Infusion Therapy Unit is the first and largest unit in the U.S. enabling rheumatology patients to receive intravenous (IV or into the vein) therapy as outpatients, rather than requiring hospitalization. IV therapy may involve such medications as high dose steroids, gamma globulin, cyclophosphamide, pamidronate, antibiotics, blood/blood products and fluid replacement (hydration). The nurse-patient relationships developed here can provide you with counseling, teaching, and reassurance.


Available Mondays through Fridays at HSS. Flexible scheduling is arranged to meet each patient's needs. All the appointments are made through the physician's office. For all other questions, please call the nurse coordinator, weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Contact Us

Linda Leff, RNC, Nurse Coordinator
Tel:  212.606.1736

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