Nurses Week 2007

HSS celebrated Nurses Week 2007, May 6-12, with activities and events around the hospital. A highlight of the week-long celebration was the 2007 Excellence in Professional Nursing Practice Awards on May 9, hosted by Stephanie Goldberg, RN, chief nursing officer. Each year nurses from every unit nominate a co-worker who exemplifies excellence at work.

Astrid Torchon, RN, in the Main OR, received top honors when she was named the grand prize winner. Several OR staff members petitioned to nominate Ms. Torchon for this honor and described her as “a genuine asset to the HSS OR team.”

And the winners are…

Special Procedures Unit: Jocelyn Garma, RN
PACU: Noreen Ryan, RN, Nurse Manager
PSS-PSH: Irene Barrett, RN
5 East: Rosita Fretton, RN
6 East: Enna Javellana, RN

7 East:

Katie Horan, RN
8 East: Elaine Walsh, RN
ACC: Mary Phelan, RN
Infusion Room: Sarah O’Hare, RN
Quality Management: Noreen Curran, RN
Women's Sport Medicine: Polly de Mille, RN
Ambulatory Surgery: Emelita Dela Isla, RN
Rheumatology: Julita Reyes-Canu, RN
Private Ambulatory Women’s Sports Center: Carolyn Rodriguez, RN

Also, Joanne Parnofiello, Director of Employment, Human Resources, was recognized with a “Special Friend to Nursing” award. 

The winners will represent the Nursing Department at the Eleventh Annual Magnet Conference in Atlanta, Ga., October 2007, where the Magnet re-designation award will be presented.

Large Group Photo (above)
Front Row, left, Jocelyn Garma, RN, Special Procedures Unit; Enna Javellan, RN, 6 East; Emelita Dela Isla, RN, Ambulatory Surgery; Mary Phelan, RN, ACC; Katie Horan, RN, 7 East; Carolyn Rodriguez, RN, Private Ambulatory, Women’s Sports Medicine Center, and Joanne Parnofiello, Director of Employment, Human Resources.

Back Row, left, Astrid Torchon, RN, Main OR; Julita Reyes-Canu, RN, Rheumatology; Irene Barrett, RN, PSS-PSH; Sarah O’Hare, RN, Infusion Room; Noreen Curran, RN, Quality Management; Noeen Ryan, RN, Nurse Manager, PACU, and Polly de Mille, RN, Women’s Sports Medicine Center.

2007 Excellence in Professional Nursing Practice Awards

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