Host an HSS Rehab Course

Bring the Expertise of HSS Therapists to Your Facility
As part of our mission to provide quality continuing education courses to professionals of all disciplines, we are offering some of our most popular courses to be hosted at your facility. We can modify and structure the program to suit your needs. For more information, contact Karen Juliano, Clinical Supervisor of Education for the Rehabilitation Department, at 212.774.2481 or

Programs available include:

  • Clinical Approach to the Evaluation and Treatment
    of Congenital Muscular Torticollis

    With the implementation of the back to sleep program by the American Academy of Pediatrics, therapists are noting an increased incidence of children with positional torticollis and plagiocephaly (flattening of the head). This program presents guidelines for successful examination and progression of treatment and discharge for patients with torticollis. Guidelines incorporate current evidence and accepted treatment strategies. Two day programs will include a laboratory component focusing on therapeutic handling for infants of various ages.

  • Clinical Pilates
    The popularity of the Pilates Method has consistently grown to mass appeal over the past few decades. Though Pilates owes its name-recognition to the fitness world, the method’s roots are in rehabilitation and are commonly “prescribed” as part of a therapy program. The Pilates system is not only a method of exercise focused on the core, but can be an integral part of a plan toward functional progression. We are offer 2 Pilates programs to choose from:

    The Bridge between the Pilates System and PT
    This course will fill the gap by demystifying the Pilates Method for physical therapists who need a basic understanding of Pilates principles, concepts and exercises in order to make informed decisions for the design.

    Reaching Functional Milestones through the
    Pilates Exercise System
    This course will demonstrate the potential integration of the Pilates system with rehabilitation principles for the treatment of the spine, hip and knee. Case reviews and lab time on the equipment will be included. This course is designed for the therapist with basic to intermediate knowledge of the Pilates System and for clinics with Pilates equipment available.
  • Smart Design: The Art of Splinting
    The Hand Therapy staff at Hospital for Special Surgery believes that splinting is an art and that practice makes perfect. Repeated exposure is critical to the learning process that a hand therapist must experience when learning basic and advanced splinting techniques. The hand therapy staff invites you to improve your current splinting abilities. Instruction and guided hands-on lab sessions are designed to help therapists enhance their current splinting abilities.
    We will provide the opportunity to create a variety of splints.
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